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How To Get Kills While ADS And Fully Loaded In MW3


In MW3, “Fully Loaded” typically means your weapon has a full magazine. It’s different from the traditional understanding of the term as a perk in previous Call of Duty games. A fully loaded kill generally requires you to secure a kill with the first bullet fired from a fully loaded magazine. This implies that each kill attempt starts with a full magazine. In this guide, let’s go through everything you need to know on how to get ADS kills while fully loaded in Modern Warfare 3.

Getting Kills while ADS and Fully Loaded

  1. Weapon Setup: Choose a weapon with all five attachment slots filled. This step is crucial as it not only enhances your weapon’s capabilities but also aligns with the challenge’s requirements.
  2. Aiming Technique: The core of this challenge is to earn your kills while ADS. This means you must be actively aiming down your weapon’s sights when securing a kill.
  3. Camo Challenge Connection: Successfully getting kills while ADS and Fully Loaded is necessary for unlocking certain camo challenges, such as the Forged Camo for the MTZ-762 Battle Rifle and Longbow Sniper Rifle.
  4. Optics Recommendation: To facilitate this challenge, using an optic with a clean sight can be helpful. It improves visibility and precision when aiming.

Best Weapon To Get Kills While ADS And Fully Loaded

The MTZ-762 Battle Rifle is a prime example of a weapon tied to the Fully Loaded challenge. By the time you reach the Forged camo tier for this weapon, you’re already well-equipped with maxed-out levels and attachments, making the challenge more accessible.

Best Weapon To Get Kills While ADS And Fully Loaded

Since you need to get the kill with the first bullet, improving your aim and reflexes will be crucial. Choose game modes that suit your playstyle and where you can effectively use your chosen weapon.

For weapons like the Longbow Sniper Rifle, you’ll need to kill the opponent with the first bullet in your magazine. This means constant reloading after each shot to maintain a full magazine.

Equip the Mag Holster to boost your reload speed. This is particularly useful in scenarios where you encounter multiple enemies, allowing for quick reloading and successive kills. In hardcore mode, the health of players is significantly reduced, making it easier to guarantee a kill with every accurate shot. This mode is ideal for completing this challenge efficiently.

Avoid close combat. Instead, find hidden spots that overlook large open areas. This allows you to ADS and pick off enemies from a distance, increasing your chances of fulfilling the challenge criteria.


Completing the ADS and Fully Loaded challenge is a stepping stone towards unlocking prestigious camos like the Forged and Priceless camos, ultimately leading to the coveted Interstellar camo. The journey is filled with various challenges, testing your skills and patience in MW3, but the reward is well worth the effort.


  1. What does “Fully Loaded” mean in MW3? – In MW3, it means your weapon has a full magazine, necessary for a fully loaded kill.
  2. How should I set up my weapon for this challenge? – Use a weapon with all five attachment slots filled.
  3. What is the significance of ADS in this challenge? – You must be aiming down sights when securing a kill.
  4. Are there specific camo challenges connected to this? – Yes, it’s needed for unlocking certain camo challenges.
  5. What is the recommended weapon for the Fully Loaded challenge? – The MTZ-762 Battle Rifle.
  6. What gameplay strategies should I employ? – Improve aim and reflexes, choose suitable game modes, and constantly reload.
  7. What are the rewards for completing this challenge? – Unlocking prestigious camos like the Forged, Priceless, and Interstellar camos.

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