Kanai’s cube is one of the most important items in Diablo 3. It is the heir to the legendary Horadric Cube, which is important for your character just as much as the farming of items and grinding Paragon. This is a guide on how to obtain Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3.


How to Get Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3

The Kanai’s cube can be found in the Ruins of Sescheron. You can mark your waypoint on these ruins in the top right corner of the map of Act III. Once reaching the waypoint, you need to run into the city and go into the ruins, find the entrance and enter the Ruins.

The first place in the Ruins is called “The Elder Sanctum,” where you will have to make your way to the other end of the zone. The cube is located at the upper right of the Elder Sanctum on the Immortal Throne. When you find the cube here, you will have to click on it, and it will be automatically transported back to the town. You are required to find the Kanai’s cube every season, after which it opens for your full account, and you do not have to go through the process again on your alternative accounts.

The cube is accessible from any town in the game, and if a Non-Seasonal character obtains the cube, it will remain for eternity in your account.

If you are playing with your friends, you got to make sure everyone’s present in the Elder Sanctum before clicking on the cube, or whoever is not there with the group will not be able to access the Kanai’s Cube.

How to Use Kanai’s Cube

It used to empower a weapon; it has three item slots for legendary power extraction. Players can extract the Legendary Power of an item and embed it into a proper slot below. These slots are:

  • Weapon: Empower a weapon with legendary powers in it.
  • Armor: This slot consists of armor with six slots (Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots). It also consists of belts and bracers.
  • Jewelry: This slot consists of legendary power comprising amulets and ring powers.

Embedding a legendary power on any of these slots will grant the respective power to your character even if you have not equipped that item, and any legendary power put into use will be maximized, allowing the players to effectively use any bad or mediocre weapons or items.

The Kanai’s Cube ignores the item level of the absorbed item containing the legendary power. Hence, it enhances your gameplay by a relatively greater fraction. Players can also brew specific recipes using the Kanai’s Cube. These are:

  • Archives of Tal Rasha
  • Law of Kulle
  • Hope of Cain
  • Skill of Nilfur
  • Work of Cathan
  • Darkness of Radament
  • Pleasure, Regret, and Wrath of Iben Fahd
  • Caldesann’s Despair

All the recipes mentioned above require certain items for their making and provide certain perks to the players. The augments, despite the investment done, are not permanent and can be overridden by a higher-level augment. The augment can heavily buff your damage output and help you accomplish higher levels, which in turn allow for more high-level augments than the current ones.

This was everything on How to Obtain and Use Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3.

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