Iron and Bronze are some of the common resources players can find in Valheim. These Iron and Bronze are used to manufacture nails, which are used in several recipes such as Longship, Dragon Bed, Spinning Wheel, Windmill, Cart, Karve, etc. This is a guide on how to get Iron and Bronze Nails in Valheim.


How to Get Iron Nails

To craft Iron nails, the first requisite is Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots are obtained by smelting Scrap Iron, which you can mine from Muddy Scrap Piles found in the Sunken Crypts of the Swamp biome. You’ll need to use a smelter to process the Scrap Iron into usable Iron Ingots.

Iron Nails are used in various recipes in Valheim, these are:

  • Dragon Bed, which requires 15 Iron Nails.
  • Longship, which requires 100 Iron Nails.
  • Raven Throne, which requires 10 Iron Nails.
  • Spinning Wheel, which requires 10 Iron Nails.
  • Windmill, which requires 30 Iron Nails.

How to Get Bronze Nails

Crafting Bronze nails requires Bronze Ingots. Bronze is an alloy, crafted by combining 2 Copper and 1 Tin at a Forge. You’ll find Copper in the Black Forest biome, mined directly from Copper Deposits. Tin can be collected near the shoreline and river banks within the same biome. Once you have these, smelt them in a Forge to create Bronze Ingots.

Bronze Nails are used in various recipes in Valheim, these are:

  • Cart, which requires 10 Bronze Nails.
  • Horizontal Item Stand, which requires 1 Bronze Nails.
  • Vertical Item Stand, which requires 1 Bronze Nails.
  • Karve, which requires 80 Bronze Nails.

Crafting Process And Usage

The essential facility for crafting both Iron and Bronze nails is the Forge. Ensure your Forge is well-maintained and ready for the crafting process.

  • Iron Nails: Once you have Iron Ingots, you can craft Iron nails at the Forge. Each Iron Ingot yields 20 Iron nails.
  • Bronze Nails: Similarly, Bronze Ingots are used to craft Bronze nails. Each Bronze Ingot produces 20 Bronze nails.

Iron nails are integral to various advanced crafting recipes. They’re crucial in the construction of longships and sturdy buildings, reflecting your progression and survival skills. Their robustness makes them essential for building structures meant to withstand the harsh conditions of Valheim.

Bronze nails are versatile and used in several early to mid-game recipes. They’re necessary for crafting carts, which significantly ease your burden by allowing for the transportation of heavy materials. Each cart requires 20 Bronze nails for construction.

Additionally, Bronze nails are used in making item stands (both horizontal and vertical), essential for displaying your hard-earned trophies and weapons. Each stand requires 1 Bronze nail. Like Iron nails, Bronze nails are also used in shipbuilding, particularly for the smaller boats like the Karve, facilitating sea exploration and resource transportation.

This was our guide on how to get your hands on Iron and Bronze Nails in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.