How to Get Infinite Sulfuric Acid in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Space Program Sulfuric Acid

Dyson Sphere Program progression revolves around a ton of materials and resources. Not all of them are easy to come by while others are available in small quantities. One of the most important materials in the Dyson Sphere Program is Sulfuric Acid. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get infinite Sulfuric Acid in Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Get Sulfuric Acid

If you manage to reach the mid-game of Dyson Sphere Program. To craft Sulfuric Acid you need 6x Refined Oil, 8x Stone Ore, and 4x Water. Through these items, you get 4 Sulfuric Acid each time. Of course, you need a Chemical Plant for this.

This method is costly and the materials needed are hard to come by. Large-scale production of Sulfuric Acid would require a ton of materials.

Crafting isn’t the only way to get your hands on some Sulfuric Acid. If you don’t want to craft and feel as if the output isn’t enough, the best way to get infinite Sulfuric Acid is from other planets. You can visit other planets that have seas of Sulfuric Acid but it is best to set up base on planets that have this resource in abundance.

You can then directly pump Sulfuric Acid into the production chains. Unlock the Universe Exploration upgrade before you travel to planets in search of Sulfuric Acid. This upgrade lets you see the available resources on other planets you’ll know what planets to visit.

And that’s how to you get Sulfuric Acid in DSP. If you need more assistance, check out the Dyson Sphere Program Wiki.

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