How to Get Glass in Icarus

Icarus glass recipe

In Icarus, you can perform a lot of crafting of items and weapons to help you survive in the harsh world of this game. Players can also craft glass for various purposes. So, in this guide we will discuss the crafting process of glass in Icarus.

Icarus: How to Craft Glass

You can craft glass in Icarus once you unlock the tier 3 research tree. This means that you will have to progress a lot through the game. This tier of research tree comes very later on in the game. So, just play through the game and roam around until then. Once you reach Tier 3 research tree, you need to find a cave containing Silica Ore.

After collecting the Silica Ore, you need to get Concrete Furnace. The Concrete Furnace will be available for you to obtain before getting the Silica Concrete. This is because you will need the furnace for various other purposes before this one. This should be kept in mind that low level furnaces will not do the work. So, focus on getting the upgraded furnace, building it and using it.

A Concrete Furnace would require the following items to build it; 20 Concrete Mix, 12 Iron Ingots, 8 pieces of rope, and 12 Epoxy items. Now, you probably have built the furnace, so just put the Silica in it.

After a while, you will receive the glass from the furnace. Now, you can use it as you please, glass can be used in windows, doors, making utensils, and various other items. Glass is one of the most important items in Icarus, and serves so many purposes including building a glass wall.

This is all that we have got about crafting glass in Icarus. Need more help? See How to Farm Oxygen, How to Level Up Fast.

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