Stealth is a main weapon of the Samurai and successful stealth revolves around distraction. Distracting enemies is a key part of stealth in Ghost of Tsushima. The stealth is part of the Ghost Weapons which you unlock by investing Technique Points. This guide will take you through the process of getting your hands on Firecrackers in Ghost of Tsushima, an item that is used to distract.


How to Unlock Firecrackers in Ghost of Tsushima

Getting the Firecrackers isn’t an option until you unlock the Wind Chime. You need to open the Ghost Weapons section and unlock the Wind Chime ability by investing 1 Technique Point.  Once you have the Wind Chime you can unlock the next upgrade, Firecrackers. Every upgrade requires Technique Points that earned via main and side missions, random world activities, and combat situations.

Firecrackers are used to distract the enemy and sneak past them. Wind Chime is also used for the same purpose but Firecrackers allow you to distract multiple enemies at once. Simply throw the Firecracker to create noise. Enemies will come to investigate the noise which gives you the opportunity to sneak past them. Of course, a distraction can be used to assassinate enemies. You can lure enemies to a trap and take them down.

To use Firecrackers in Ghost of Tsushima use L2+left d-pad and select throw. You can equip the firecracker with L2+Triangle. You can then aim the firecracker by holding L2, press R2 to throw the firecracker at your desired distance.



  • Unlock Wind Chime Ability
  • Upgrade to Firecrackers

That’s pretty much all you need to know about unlocking the Firecrackers in Ghost of Tsushima. For more check out the Ghost of Tsushima Wiki.


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