How to Get Firecell Stone in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Get Firecell Stone in Monster Hunter Rise

Firecell Stone is a must-need item in High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise. The Firecell Stone is one of the most required items for a majority of the high-level weapon upgrades. This guide will help you in finding Firecell Stone in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Firecell Stone

To collect Firecell stone you will have to know where it is most commonly found, else you won’t get it even in HR missions. To get Firecell Stone, you will have to unlock the Lava Caverns, which contains the majority of the Firecell Stones. To unlock the map itself, you will have to complete a certain number of High-Rank quests.

After you have unlocked the Lava Caverns map, you can farm these stones. These stones can be farmed from the Mining Outcrops in Lava Caverns, both white and blue. The white ones have more chances of you finding Firecell Stones, while the blue ones usually have common materials.

Blue ores are found almost everywhere on this map, which makes them a good source for resource farming. The resources in these ores will respawn after a while, which means you can cycle between them to farm many resources.

To be more efficient in the Firecell Stone collection, you should get the Geologist unlocked and upgraded to level 3. This skill will help you earn more items, each time you mine. Then if you intend to get into an expedition to farm, you should check your map status before doing this.

An upsurge is expected in the Mining Outcrops, which means that after 10 minutes of starting an HR quest, you will be able to farm even more as the number of ores will significantly increase. Both of the prerequisites are in order, you will have a pool of Firecell Stones and other useful materials as well like Carbonite Ore.

In this Monster Hunter Rise guide, we’ve discussed everything there’s to know about how to efficiently get Firecell Stone in the game. Feel free to check out our detailed Monster Hunter Rise wiki guides for more help on the game.

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