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How To Get Fiber In Palworld (All Sources And Locations)

Fiber is much more than a basic resource in Palworld; it’s the backbone of many crafting recipes and essential constructions. From building sturdy shelters to weaving nets for Pal catching, fiber’s applications are diverse. Its importance only grows as you progress, becoming integral for crafting advanced items and expanding your base. Understanding how to efficiently gather and use fiber is key to not just surviving but thriving in the game.

How To Get Fiber In Palworld

Trees are your go-to source for fiber. These natural resources are scattered abundantly across Palworld’s landscape, making them easily accessible. Identifying fiber-yielding trees is straightforward; look for lush, green foliage and sturdy trunks. When chopped down, these trees provide not just wood but a good amount of fiber.

Efficient tree harvesting is crucial. While you can start by using your hands, it’s less effective. Trees also have a regeneration feature; they respawn after a few minutes, ensuring a sustainable source of fiber. Be mindful of the environment; overharvesting can impact the local ecosystem.

Alternate Method Of Getting Fiber

Besides trees, certain Pals can also be a source of fiber. For example, Hoocrates, found near the starting area of the game (around coordinates 228, -525), drop fiber when defeated, but they only spawn at night.

As you advance in the game, the Crusher becomes a vital tool. Unlocked at Technology Level 8, this device allows you to convert excess Wood into Fiber, streamlining your resource management.

All Known Crafting Recipes That Need Fiber

Technologies That Use FiberWeapons That Use Fiber
Amusement Furniture SetFire Bow
Antique Desk SetFrag Grenade
Antique Storage Cabinet SetGrappling Gun
Arsox SaddleIce Grenade
Average Feed BagIncendiary Grenade
Azurobe SaddleMakeshift Handgun
Blazehowl SaddleMega Grappling Gun
Broncherry SaddleOld Bow
Chillet SaddlePoison Bow
Daedream’s NecklaceShock Grenade
Dark Kingferno SaddleThree Shot Bow
Dark Pyrin Saddle
Dazzi’s Necklace
Digtoise’s Headband
Dinossom Lux Saddle
Dinossom Saddle
Direhowl’s Saddled Harness
Eikthyrdeer Saddle
Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle
Elphidran Saddle
Fenglope Saddle
Fine Bed
Flopie’s Necklace
Fluffy Pal Bed
Galeclaw’s Gloves
Giant Feed Bag
Hangyu Cryst’s Glove
Hangyu’s Gloves
Houseplant Set
Huge Feed Bag
Ice Kingpaca Saddle
Jormuntide Ignis Saddle
Jormuntide Saddle
Large Feed Bag
Large Pal Bed
Mammorest Cryst Saddle
Mammorest Saddle
Maraith Saddle
Mixed Farm
Nitewing Saddle
Piano Furniture Set
Pyrin Saddle
Rayhound Saddle
Repair Kit
Shoddy Bed
Small Feed Bag
Straw Pal Bed
Tocotoco’s Gloves
Training Dummy
Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle
Vanwyrm Saddle
Wall-mounted Houseplant Set
Water Broncherry Saddle
Wumpo Botan Saddle
Wumpo Saddle
Hoocrates location on the map.
Hoocrates location on the map.

Best Tools To Get Fiber Fast

As a beginner, crafting a Stone Axe should be one of your first goals. Made with 5 Stones and 5 Wood, this tool significantly speeds up the process of gathering resources from trees. While you can use your bare hands in a pinch, the Stone Axe is far more efficient, turning tree chopping into a quick and fruitful task. For advanced players, the Crusher, unlocked at Technology Level 8, offers an even more efficient method by converting excess Wood into Fiber.

Fiber is not just a random resource; it’s integral to your progress in Palworld. It’s used in crafting essential items like beds for yourself and your Pals, and it’s a key component in constructing buildings like the Ranch.

As your base levels up, you’ll find the need for fiber increasing, especially for crafting more beds and other advanced items. Managing your fiber resources effectively is key to smooth progression in the game.

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