How to Get Feathers in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty feathers

Medieval Dynasty is a highly popular RPG in which you gather a ton of resources to build your dynasty. One of the resources you need early on is the feathers. In this quick guide, we will explain how to get feathers in the Medieval Dynasty. Below you will find all of the information you need to find feathers.

Medieval Dynasty: How to Get Feathers

Why do you need features in the Medieval Dynasty? Well, you need them to create arrows and bows in the game. Feathers are an essential part of the Medieval Dynasty. You can pick up 1-3 features at a time in the Medieval Dynasty. The limited number of feathers you can collect at a time means the process of getting feathers can be a bit slow. However, it is the only way to get them.

You can collect feathers from nests after you cut down trees in the Medieval Dynasty. Properly chop down the tree to get logs and look for feathers on the ground. Feathers drop after each tree you cut down. While it is not a given, feathers do drop pretty much every time you cut down a tree. Finding feathers lead to skill unlocks such as Survival Sense. When you hold the ALT key, you can see the feathers light up with a bright yellow color.

Another way to get feathers in the Medieval Dynasty is to use bird traps. You can craft bird traps to get feathers from birds. But you need to buy the bird trap blueprint from the technology tree for 80 coins.

You can place traps by standing at any location where you want to place it and pressing Q and then go to the other section and select traps. You need two sticks and two stones to craft the trap. Leave the trap for some time and come back to check if any birds were trapped inside. If there is a bird trapped in the trap, press E to get it out and take its feathers and meat.


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