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How to Get Fat Boy in Atomic Heart (Blueprint Location)


If you’re a fan of Atomic Heart and are hunting for the game’s most devastating rocket launcher, the Fat Boy, look no further. As you may already know, crafting weapons in Atomic Heart requires you to first find their blueprints scattered throughout the game’s various locations. Without the blueprint, you won’t be able to craft the weapon.

But fear not! This guide will walk you through the process of locating the Fat Boy blueprint, so you can add this formidable weapon to your arsenal and wreak havoc on your enemies. So let’s dive in and find out where you can get your hands on the Fat Boy blueprint.

Where to Find Fat Boy Blueprint

Fat Boy

All chests must be searched and looted thoroughly in order to locate the blueprint for Fat Boy. Use your scanning tool regularly to identify unexplored chests, and make sure you don’t leave any behind.

Also, explore the open areas to find and conquer Testing Grounds, optional dungeons with extra puzzles and enemies.

Testing Grounds offer abundant rewards, such as numerous chests containing valuable loot, including the highly coveted Lootyagin robot chests that provide exceptional rewards.

Note: Blueprint locations are randomized in Atomic Heart so that any chest can contain the Fat Boy. The best practice is to use your scanner to locate missable chests.

As you advance through the storyline of the game, Blueprints can be discovered. Typically, they are located within big treasure chests that are found in every safe room – a leisure area featuring store and save terminals – throughout the game.

Fat Boy Crafting Recipe

When you successfully find the Fat Boy, you will then need to find the right crafting materials to craft it. You will need the following crafting materials to craft the Fat Boy in Atomic Heart:

  • 163x Metal Parts
  • 81x Synthetic Material
  • 20x Superconductor

Fat Boy is one of the best weapons, most effective against tough robot enemies in every situation.

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