V Rising offers many crafting options, but the Glass is essential to progressing through the story. With it, you can craft windows or glass bottles. To make your dream castle more beautiful and fulfill certain objectives in base-building mode, having windows is necessary; with Glass, you can create glass bottles that help store crafted products efficiently. Therefore, obtaining Glass should be a top priority when playing V Rising.

In this detailed guide, I will show you exactly how to acquire Glass and craft it in V Rising. Beyond that, I’ll also discuss the best methods for farming Glass so you can get a steady supply of resources.

How To Get And Craft Glass (Recipe) In V Rising

If you’re looking to craft Glass in V Rising, first, you must uncover its recipe, which is unlocked after defeating Christina, the Sun Priestess. Then, after progressing through the game, players should challenge Christina as its level 44 enemy.

If you want to locate the Priestess, your best option is to make your way toward the northwest side of Dawnbreak Village, where she’ll likely be. If not there, look for her on roads connecting Dawnbreak with Mosswick. To successfully combat Christina and reap rewards that are well worth it, fight her outside of Dawnbreak to avoid any potential local danger. Be warned: defeating her won’t be a simple task. The following are the rewards for defeating Christina:

  • Purgatory Power
  • Glass Recipe
  • Empty Glass Bottle Recipe
  • Holy Resistance Potion Recipe
  • Blood Rose Potion Recipe

After you have obtained the glass recipe, head to your furnace or construct Castle Heart; to access it, you will need 480 stones and 60 copper ores for this process. Crafting each sheet of Glass through the furnace requires 20 quartz pieces.

How To Get Quartz In V Rising

If you are running low on quartz, a critical component in glass crafting, search the Dunley Farmlands marked areas as they are rich with quartz nodes. Be warned, though – these locations can be few and far between.

You can receive up to 50 quartz from each node and return to the same node multiple times. If you’re lucky enough to come across a few enemies in Dunley Farmlands, they will also have quartz for you; however, this is rare. Alternatively, exploring Dunley Monastery provides an opportunity of finding level 50 or More enemies that drop quartz, too – make sure you bring ample amounts of Holy Resistance Potions so that your journey does not end prematurely.

That’s all you need to know about getting, crafting, and using Glass in V Rising. I hope these tips helped you out! If you want to read more about other aspects of V Rising, here are some guides you might like:

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