The initial problem you encounter in Return to Monkey Island is returning to Monkey Island. Your only hope is to board LeChuck’s ship when it arrives at Melee Island. But before you can sneak on board, you’ll need a decent disguise; an eyepatch from the local museum has excellent properties for this purpose.

To get the Eye Patch, there are two things you need to get:

  • Key
  • Crackers

Key: When you walk into the museum, there is a suitcase in front of you with an Eye Patch. You need a key to open the case, which the locksmith can assist with. Although the serial member won’t be legible even with a monocle, things will not be as simple as you believe. As a result, you’ll have to go and see the mapmaker for free monocles. After putting on your monocle, combine voila, and you can read the serial number and get the key.

Crackers: This is not the end of the story in the museum. There is also a parrot that guards and watches over museum items. As a result, you must use crackers as a diversion while simultaneously checking the museum’s back room for a box of unprepared cracker mix. The locksmith is the only one who can help you in this situation, so go to their shop and trade your box of crackers for a crackers stack.

After you’ve obtained the key and crackers, walk to the museum and use crackers to divert the parrot while you open the suitcase and obtain the disguise. Now travel to Voodoo’s residence to imbue the Eyepatch with magic by paying cash. Lastly, you must harvest the forest’s voracious plants and deliver them for a barely acceptable disguise.

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