The newly released V Rising comes with a plethora of materials, gear, and weapons you can use to further your Vampire cause. One of the key items in the game are explosives. These can be used to create pathways as well as deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy.

In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get explosives in Stunlock Studio’s new MMO.

How to Get Explosives

To get explosives in V Rising you first need to get access to the Alchemy Table. Through the Alchemy Table, you can craft multiple items in V Rising including explosives.

The Alchemy Table is unlocked after you beat Clive the Firestarter boss. This is a high-level boss so you will need strong gear and weapons to take him down. Once you have access to the Alchemy Table you can craft explosives whenever you have enough materials.

To craft explosives in V Rising, you need 8x Sulphur, 4x Whetstone, and 8x Planks. Using these items you can craft what’s called a “Minor Explosive Box.” This item lands in your inventory once crafted in V Rising.

From there, you can then use the explosive in the game however you want. As for the crafting materials required for this, you can find Sulphur near Clive the Firestarter’s area as well as it multiple locations on the map.

Explosives can also be used for mining which means you can get additional resources with ease to craft other items. Breaking down chunks of rocks etc. is a good use for explosives.

That’s everything you need to know on how to craft explosives in the game. Need more help? See How to Create Clans, Tips and Tricks.

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