Excalibur is a complicated item to obtain in Assassin’s creed: Valhalla. You’ll have to collect all 11 Tablets found in different locations to obtain it. The first 8 tablets are called Treasures of Britain and can be found after performing specific parkour trials. The other 3 tablets belong to the Zealot members of The Ancient Order.

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Treasures of Britain Tablet Locations For Excalibur in AC Valhalla

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #1

  • Cavern of Trials

Once you arrive at the east side of the cent, you’ll want to enter the house and use a ladder that takes you underground. Use Odin’s sight to spot the key of Courage hanging in the middle of the room.

Grab the key, use it to open the door, and walk until you reach a corridor with a ruined statue in the center with many pathways surrounding it. Each pathway will lead to new parkour trials. The bottom pathways have the Balance, Agility, and Dexterity keys to open the doors.

Once you enter the next zone, you must align pushable crates to start the following subsections. Once you’ve done this about three times, you’ll find the table at the top of some stone stairs.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #2

  • Grime’s Graves

First, you’ll have to head over to Grime’s Graves and use the leap of faith to enter the cave. A cursed altar will be at the end of the cave; break it, and you’ll be able to attain the second tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #3

  • Old Cellar

To gain the third tablet, you’ll have to enter the cave southwest of Colcestre. Take any path you want as they reconnect anyway. The thing you’ll want to take caution of are the poison clouds present in the cave.

You can either burn the poison clouds using a torch, or you can avoid them altogether. Once you reach the cellar, you’ll have to use Odin sight to identify the Wine barrel locks, shoot the Wine, so the water under the grate rises, and you can obtain the third tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location 4

  • Wiccan’s Cave

Head inside the cave west of Jorvik and walk until you reach the area with a tree in the center; climb up the tree to jump into a wall to the right. Follow this path until you reach a T corridor; shoot an arrow in the path at your right until the ice wall blocking it breaks to reveal a locked door. Look to the side of the locked door and enter it to redeem the fourth tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #5

  • Red Lichen Cavern

To obtain the fifth tablet, you’ll have to find your way to the Red Lichen Cavern, walk in the left direction until you reach the table, take it and exit the area as fast as possible.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #6

  • Wocig

Enter the cave northeast of Chepeham and use the boat you found at the dock. Drive it until you reach some stone stairs. Get off the boat, walk up the stairs, look to the wall on the left and climb it.

Once you reach the top, you’ll have to perform a few parkour stunts all around the cave. When you see a torch, use the Odin sight in the room on your left, carefully destroy all the flammable pots and crawl from under the cracked wall to obtain the sixth tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #7

  • Deoraby Spar Cavern

After entering the cave in the north part of Snotinghamscire, you’ll want to jump up to the top platform. Once you’ve climbed up, you will see a wall with a large crack, enter through the crack and see a room with 3 ruined statues.

You’d first want to take the left path so you can safely traverse to the right side of the room. If you look at the next statue, you’ll see a parkour trial waiting for it to be done.

Once that’s done, you’ll be on the northern side of the room. After that, climb on top of the statue, perform a few remaining parkour stunts, and you’ll be able to obtain the seventh tablet.

Treasures of Britain Tablet Location #8

  • Santlache Mine

You’ll have to blow off the breakable wall at your right to gain the eighth tablet. Once you’ve done that, walk in that direction until you reach a dead end with a small entrance at the left side of the wall.

Enter through the small entrances and climb the ladder until you see a breakable lock. Once you’ve performed a few parkour stunts, you’ll see a zip line that you can use to do downstairs.

After using it, you’ll enter a room with a breakable wall, blow it up via explosives and enter into a new zone filled to the brim with water. Go behind the wooden wheel and dive into the water to find a breakable door, break it and enter the table chamber.

Where To Get Final 3 Mysterious Tablets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Specific zealots of the Ancient Order members will guard the last 3 tablets.


Woden walks around the main cent road with a power level of 220. He is very agile and equipped with flash bombs, yet he’s not as strong as the other two zealots.


Heike will be walking around Essex with a power level of 250. Heike is one of the fastest zealots, equipped with a heavy shield and sword coated with poison.


Hrothgar will be walking around Suthsexe with a power level of 280. He is not only a very strong zealot, but he can even heal himself automatically, which makes this even more difficult. You must be prepared before fighting him, or it’ll not end well.

Where To Find Myrddin’s Cave and Get Excalibur

After collecting all 11 tablets, head to Myrddin’s Cave and perform a few parkours and leap of faith to enter the underwater entrance. Once you’ve done the following, you’ll enter an open room with 11 monoliths and the Excalibur sword locked in the center.

You’ll want to place all the tablets in their respective monoliths. Once you’ve done that, the Excalibur sword will be unlocked, and you can use it to your liking.

Finding all 8 tablets and defeating the 3 zealots on your own can be very difficult as you’d have to spend a lot of time searching for each tablet and fighting the zealots. Luckily for you, if you follow all the instructions given above, you’ll be able to obtain the Excalibur sword in no time.

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