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How To Get Enshrouded Staff Charges And Use Them

If you choose to play a Mage/Wizard in Enshrouded that you would have been surprised to see that magic attacks work differently than other games. You can not just use your staff to attack enemies so instead, you need to first get staff charges in Enshrouded.

In my Enshrouded guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get and use staff charges.

How To Get A Staff In Enshrouded

Your first step towards getting arcane powers is crafting your initial staff. Very early on in the game, you’ll unlock the recipe for a basic, yet essential, Level-One Ranged Staff. This staff acts as your gateway into spellcasting. The materials required a ranged staff are:

  • 1 Bone
  • 2 Resin

Spiritual Cane Crafting Recipe

As you progress to the point of unlocking the Alchemist, the game introduces more complex staff options. You will unlock the ability to craft the Spiritual Cane in Enshrouded. Crafting Spiritual Cane requires the following items:

  • 3x Shroud Wood
  • 4x Bonemeal
  • 2x Resin

What Are Staff Charges In Enshrouded

Staff Charges in “Enshrouded” are the core of your magical arsenal, functioning as the ammunition for your spells. Think of Staff Charges as individual spells. Each charge represents a specific spell with unique effects and powers. For instance, an Ice Bolt charge lets you cast a spell that unleashes icy damage, while a Heal Channel charge provides healing capabilities. This system introduces a strategic layer to spellcasting, as you must choose which charges to carry and use in various situations.

Every charge consumes a set amount of Mana upon use, making Mana management an essential skill. For example, casting an Ice Bolt might require 26 Mana, while a Heal Channel could use only seven.

You can carry multiple charges and select the one you need in the heat of battle. Right-click to equip a charge, and your staff will be ready to unleash the selected spell. During casting, you have the flexibility to scroll through your charges, choosing the best spell for each moment.

Mana And Spells

In “Enshrouded,” Mana and spells form the crux of your magical spells. Mana in “Enshrouded” is the lifeblood of your spellcasting ability. Represented by a blue bar in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, it quantifies your current magical power. Every spell you cast consumes a portion of this Mana, making it a critical resource to manage.

To cast a spell, you’ll need to have the appropriate Staff Charge equipped. Each charge corresponds to a specific spell in your repertoire. Casting a spell is as simple as selecting the right charge and using your staff, but remember, each use depletes one charge.

If you carry multiple Staff Charges, right-click to equip the charge of your choice. You can also scroll through charges while casting.

To cast more spells and use more powerful charges, you need to increase your Mana.

  1. Skill Tree Investments: Investing in Spirit-boosting nodes on the Wizard branch of the skill tree increases your Mana. Each point in Spirit equates to a 20 Mana boost.
  2. Equipment and Armor: Various items in the game, like rings and armor sets, can increase your Mana. The Alchemist Apprentice Chest piece, for example, boosts your Mana by 24, while the Mage Chest piece offers a 48 Mana increase. Mixing and matching different sets can maximize your Mana reserves.
  3. Mana Potions: For an immediate but temporary Mana boost, Mana potions can be a lifesaver. These potions, identifiable by their purple color, replenish your Mana when consumed, perfect for emergency situations where you need to cast spells quickly.

How To Reduce Spell Cast Time

Are your spells taking too long to cast? “Enshrouded” offers a solution in the form of skill points invested in the Quick Charge node. Located between the Wizard and Trickster branches, this skill reduces your staff charge-up time by 50%, allowing for quicker and more efficient spellcasting.

How To Get Staff Charges In Enshrouded

One of the methods to get Staff Charges is through crafting, which becomes accessible once you’ve added the Alchemist NPC to your base.

staff charges crafting recipe in Enshrouded.

Key spell charges like Ice Bolt, Fireball, and Heal Channel become available for crafting with the right materials. For instance:

  • Ice Bolt Charge: Requires 2x Water and 5x Shroud Liquid.
  • Fireball Charge: Unlocks with the discovery of Amber and other specific resources.

To craft Staff Charges in Enshrouded, you’ll need to gather specific materials. While some are common, others may require more effort to locate. Here’s a quick list of essential crafting ingredients to keep an eye on:

  • Aureolin Flower
  • Resin
  • Shroud Liquid
  • Water
  • Bones

Besides crafting, Staff Charges can also be found throughout the game’s world. Exploring dungeons, traversing the landscapes of Embervale, and unlocking chests can reward you with various Staff Charges.

For example, Heal Channel charges are often found in chests located in the southwest part of the map.

How To Increase Mana Pool In Enshrouded

  • Skill Tree
  • Gear Sets
  • Potions
  • Loot Chests

The most direct way to increase your Mana is through the skill tree, specifically focusing on the Wizard branch.

Look for nodes within the Wizard branch that boost your Spirit. Each increase in Spirit directly translates into a substantial Mana boost. For example, one point in Spirit typically adds 20 Mana to your pool.

Certain items in “Enshrouded” are designed to enhance your Mana. You’ll find rings, chest pieces, and other armor parts that come with Mana-boosting properties. For instance, the Alchemist Apprentice Chest piece grants an additional 24 Mana, while the more advanced Mage Chest piece from the Mage set offers a whopping 48 Mana boost.

If you find yourself low on Mana during critical moments, consuming a Mana potion can be a lifesaver. These potions are easily recognizable by their purple appearance and offer an immediate replenishment of your Mana. They’re especially useful in prolonged battles or when exploring areas where you frequently need to cast spells.

Mana potions can be crafted or looted during exploration. Keeping a stock of these potions ensures that you’re always prepared for situations where an instant Mana boost is necessary.

That’s all there is to know on how to craft a staff, get staff charges, and use them effectively in Enshrouded. Looking for more guides? Here is more content on getting Salt, Torn Cloth, and increasing carrying capacity in Enshrouded.

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