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How to Get Drinkable Water in Grounded


Water is a valuable resource in Grounded and there are many ways to get it. In this Grounded survival guide, we will tell you about all the ways you can get drinkable water in Grounded. Although the tutorial section guides you through the process it is no way near detailed enough to explain every method of getting drinkable water.

All the Ways to Get Drinkable Water in Grounded

Water cans will be your primary source of drinkable water in Grounded. There are multiple water bottles/cans laying around the yard. However, when you first enter the water can you won’t be able to see anything inside. But come back later and you will see Drewdrops inside the water cans.

Water Cans

Water Cans have Drewdrops inside which you can use as drinkable water. At first you may not see anything inside but a later visit will produce dewdrops. Enter and interact with the dewdrops to fill up your water bottle.

Juice Boxes

Juice Boxes are another great source for drinkable water in Grounded. Juice boxes and other similar liquid containers usually have dewdrops underneath them. It is always a great idea to look underneath these boxes for dewdrops to collect water.

Honey Dewdrops and Nectar

Honey Dewdrops and nectar are your third source of water in Grounded. Going after Honey Dewdrops and nectar is worth your time as they not only quench thirst but also give a small health boost.

Use the Dewdrop Collectors

If you look up at the tip of the grass blades, right at the edge you can often spot dewdrops. As you progress in the game you can craft dewdrops collectors out of the web and throw them at the dewdrops to bring the water down. It is much better than chopping down grass.

It can be tempting to drink the dirty, muddy water laying on the ground but it is not something you should do unless absolutely necessary. Drinking dirty water can bring down your thirst level but at the cost of some health. That’s pretty much all you need to know about drinkable water and how to get it in Grounded. For more on the game follow the links about to the Grounded Wiki section.

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