Draugr Bow is one of the strongest Bows in Valheim. This bow despite being shiny and stylish, deals a massive amount of damage that pierces armor with no difficulty. Draugr Bow also has a poisonous effect due to the guck. As it is a top-notch Bow, its crafting doesn’t come that easy.

Valheim Crafting Draugr Bow

Draugr Bow offers more versatility than any other Bow in Valheim. It is always good to keep a fair distance between yourself and the enemy, even though you are using the Draugr Bow. You can craft this Bow after you have picked up certain items needed to craft it such as Ancient bark, silver, and guck. All of the items used in the crafting Draugr Bow are difficult to locate and get.

As it is not easy to get this particular Bow, you should focus on your Valheim storyline as you will be able to get these items at one point in-game, and then you can craft the Draugr Bow.

You should always focus on equipping the best armor and other equipment in order to survive the gorgeous yet life-threatening snow-capped mountains. You will need to do the following to get your Draugr bow and collect these items.

Items and Resources to Collect

  • 10 Ancient Bark from the ancient trees in the swamps.
  • Get 20 Silver from the Mine Ore in the Mountains.
  • 2 Deer Hide from the Meadows and black Forest.
  • 10 Guck from breaking the glowing gucksacks in the swamps.

Upgrading the Draugr Bow

Like other weapons in Valheim, Draugr Bow can also be upgraded and each upgrade requires certain items. Upgrading the Draugr Bow increases the overall durability of the bow, its piercing ability and the poison’s effectiveness. Below are the materials that you will need to upgrade your Bow through every level.

  • Draugr Bow (Level 2): 10x Ancient Bark, 2x deer hide, 10x guck, 20x silver.
  • Draugr Bow (Level 3): 5x Ancient Bark, 2x deer hide, 2x guck, 10x silver
  • Draugr Bow (Level 4): 10x Ancient Bark, 4x deer hide, 4x guck, 20x silver
  • Draugr Bow (Level 5): 15x Ancient Bark, 6x deer hide, 6x guck, 30x silver

This was everything that you needed to know about how to get Draugr Bow in Valheim. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides..

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