Where to Find Dirty Water in Phasmophobia: Annoy Ghost to Get Dirty Water

Phasmophobia dirty water

Phasmophobia has plenty of weird tasks that often come your way. Some of them are optional while others are mandatory. One of the optional tasks in Phasmophobia is getting dirty water from different locations. In this quick guide, we will explain how to get dirty water in Phasmophobia. It should be noted that you won’t actually be getting dirty water, in fact, you will be taking pictures of dirty water but you need to know where to find dirty water.

Where to Find Dirty Water in Phasmophobia

Dirty Water only appears inside a sink so you need to find an area that has a sink. Pretty much all of the maps in Phasmophobia have sinks on them so it isn’t anything that should take too long to find. Finding a sink is the easy part, getting the sink to run dirty water is the main problem here. You can not run the dirty water yourself so instead, you need help from a ghost.

To get dirty water in Phasmophobia you need to find a ghost and get him to run dirty water from a sink. Take the camera from the investigations truck so you can take picture of the dirty water as evidence. Make sure your entire group is in the same location as it will annoy the ghost. Ask questions and say the ghost’s name repeatedly to frustrate it even more. Once you feel that it is annoyed, ask the ghost to run dirty water from the sink and take the picture.

It should be noted that the ghost might not turn the nearest tab so listen to the flow of water in that case. Locate the water tab that’s running dirty water. You can also try running clean water from the sink and then wait for the ghost to enter the room as that seems to turn the water dirty. However, that method won’t always get you dirty water.

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