In the high-stakes combat scenarios of Modern Warfare 3, the clatter of boots can be a death sentence. The Dead Silence perk, a staple for stealth-focused players, returns to help you tread softly and carry a big gun. This guide will explain how to unlock Dead Silence and use it to its maximum potential.


How To Unlock Dead Silence In Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Dead Silence, known as Covert Sneakers in the game, unlocks at level 27. It’s essential to play through the game and accumulate experience by completing matches and challenges to reach this level. In a departure from previous titles, Modern Warfare 3 represents perks as equipment pieces. Covert Sneakers fall into the ‘boots’ category, emphasizing their role in movement.

How To Use Dead Silence In Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Once equipped, Covert Sneakers make your footsteps virtually inaudible to enemies. This silence is crucial for flank maneuvers, close-quarters combat, or any situation where you’d prefer to go unnoticed. The boots perk slot in Modern Warfare 3 is highly contested, with several valuable options. However, the advantage of silent movement is unparalleled, especially in game modes that require a stealthy approach.

To assist in locating the Covert Sneakers perk, look for the Boots icon in the top left corner of the item. This icon is part of a system that helps players quickly identify the benefits of various perks.

Dead Silence works best when combined with other stealth-oriented gear and perks. Consider a suppressed weapon to minimize firing noise and the Ghost perk to stay off enemy UAVs. Use the silence to your advantage in objective-based modes. Planting bombs in Search & Destroy or capturing points in Domination becomes significantly safer without footstep sounds.

Counter Strategies

  • Sound Whoring: Be aware that some players might use ‘sound whoring’ techniques, adjusting their audio settings to pick up even the faintest noises. Dead Silence reduces your footstep noise but doesn’t make you completely silent.
  • Visual Cues: Remember, stealth isn’t just about being unheard. Avoid sprinting around corners and be mindful of your shadow, as observant players may notice.