Roblox All-Star Tower Defence is an exciting and challenging tower defense game with a unique twist. The game features 175 levels of intense gameplay, all set in a vibrant anime world. Players must use strategy, planning, and the right combination of towers to defeat enemies while protecting their base.

The renowned All Star Tower Defense is founded on beloved Manga and Anime characters, allowing you to play as some of your favorite iconics like Kakashi from Naruto, Soma from Food Wars, Suzaku’s Lance from Final Fantasy XIV, and many more.

Playing the game requires you to collect different orbs; however, one of the most powerful ones is the Dark Spiritual Orb which allows players to slow down their enemies’ speed while dealing more damage at its final upgrade. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get Dark Spiritual Orb in Roblox All Star Tower Defence.

All Star Tower Defence Challenge 3 Overview

To acquire the powerful Dark Spiritual Orb, you must conquer Challenge 3. So Ready to put your All Star Tower Defence skills to the test? The final challenge awaiting you is Challenge 3, so get ready for an action-packed game. Challenge 3 was newly included in Update 20, demanding that gamers have at least 100 levels to participate. Instead of the traditional 15 waves, this challenge boasts 16 distinct waves for an added layer of complexity. As with any other obstacle, Challenge 3 has a formidable set of adversaries called the Elementals.

If you want to weaken your enemies, here are some steps you can take:

  • Manual Abilities
  • Summoner type units
  • Bleed
  • Poison Damage
  • Freeze Damage

As Challenge 3 is the ultimate challenge, it’s not surprising that the mobs have much higher health than those present in earlier challenges. When the ultimate challenge begins, any opposing forces that aren’t derived from the Bleach realm will be temporarily incapacitated and drift into a deep sleep for 30 seconds upon encountering their boss. However, exceptions:

  • Whis
  • Soma
  • Suzaku’s Lance Mech
  • Kakashi’s Susano

Furthermore, the boss will continually deal 55 damage to the base every thirty seconds. After completing Challenge 3, players will be rewarded with a Dark Spiritual Orb that can be equipped to Mugetsu Ichigo for bonus powers. As a result, he hit air mobs and had a slowdown effect at the final upgrade. Unfortunately, he was engulfed in multiple delays, and his final upgrade took longer than expected.

How To Beat Challenge 3 in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Begin by placing your Bulma on the bottom left corner of the boundary line. For loading up, select:

  • Shinra
  • Bulma
  • Kakashi
  • Blackbeard
  • Erwin
  • Whis

If you are playing at more advanced levels, it is possible to substitute the Whis for any other character. For example, if there are two, three, or four in your team, Meta Knight (Suzaku) can be used as an alternative to Kakashi. However, if you opt for solo play, having Kappa on board is essential; otherwise, you will find yourself in serious trouble!

To start, Kakashi uses Fire Rage Orb and spends all the money you accumulated from your wave on Bulma. In your first slot, equip Shinra – a powerful defense unit that excels in fire, poison, and bleed damage. Other highly recommended units include Magellan and Avdol for maximum early-game protection!

Make sure to invest all your money in Bulma until the fourth wave so that Kakashi can have its first upgrade. Additionally, if you possess Avdol, set it up as a defensive unit. Further, you could also use Shinra with Fire Rage Orb due to its AoE capabilities which will be more advantageous on this map, thanks to the burn effect!

When you deploy the Shinra, he will attack your enemies when they enter or exit his range. Similarly, Avdol does the same but with a 1000 damage bonus that applies twice! To get even more out of your defense strategy, upgrade Shinra to achieve a whopping 8000 damage and put an end to enemy waves – unless it’s wave 13, all money goes directly to Bulma instead. Upgrading Shinra will ultimately reward you with immense power against any hostile forces.

The Bleach unit has a staggering 10000 damage, so it’s seemingly impossible to destroy. As such, you’ll need to invest in Bulma if you want any chance at success. Once Wave 8 rolls around and your defense strategies are correctly implemented on Wave 4, the enemy will be doing 20000 damage overall! This is where the real challenge lies – no matter which character (Shinra or Avdol) you use, your primary focus should remain on upgrading Bulma right away once that 20000 thresholds is met.

Firstly, decide if the Kakashi upgrade should be a fire or bomb rage orb. As Wave 16 approaches, make sure to buff sleepy Erwin accordingly. Once Bulma upgrades to 12, invest your resources into Shinra but wait until the wave has passed before doing so, as it is much more cost-efficient. This will be Shinra’s third upgrade; save your remaining money on any further upgradation of Shinra since you need those funds for improving Kakashi later on!

As Wave 13 approaches, invest money into Bulma and position the defense unit in the center of the map. Upgrading it three times is essential for surviving until Wave 15 arrives. Also, remember to place your defense units close together so no enemies can penetrate through!

To ensure a successful attempt at defeating Eyezen, your unit must be leveled up to 80. If you have Units that are below 60, they will only stand a chance against the enemy. Furthermore, position Kakashi and Blackbeard in Wave 15 as part of your preparation for the last wave; their Susanoo will aid Shinra in clearing out all enemies without fail!

When you reach Wave 16 of the upgrade, ensure that Kakashi, Whis or Ichigo, and BlackBread have all been upgraded a second time. You’ll be facing Bazillion Monsters in this wave, so it’s essential to ensure Erwin has also been upgraded – but don’t worry; it will only cost 2000. If you are running low on money, sell Blackbeard and Bulma. Remember that Ichigo is incredibly powerful with Eyezen enabled, which makes Rukia invaluable when dealing large amounts of damage quickly.

When you see the Eyezen come down, max out one Erwin and move forward to use its buff. Even if Erwin is put to sleep, you can still employ his effect; that will be 100%, not 200%. After placing it in a suitable spot and maximizing him, apply it to your unit. Remember to sell off your Shinra when you are about to end wave 15 since only one of them would suffice for now; this will grant room for Blackbeard’s placement at wave 16!

When playing between waves 15 and 16, deploy Blackbeards as your go-to strategy. As soon as you notice a stunned Blackbeard, sell it and replace it – until all enemies are incapacitated. Rely on Erwin’s buff once the buffs have been depleted. The only obstacle that may impede your victory is Eyezen in Wave 16; I recommended upgrading Kakashi earlier to slow down Eyezen on the map. Do not expect to successfully slow him down with a single Blackbeard or take him out at mid-map – he can easily dodge their attacks!

Position the Kakashi in the center of all groups because its range can only target 20 at a time. You have now cleared wave 15 and are on to your final Wave 16. Upgrade the Kakashi and fully improve Erwin as well for maximum efficiency. Utilize Susanoo to destroy any opposition behind you so you may focus solely on those units ahead of you. Finally, ensure that everything is double-checked and that all units slow down accordingly before proceeding with this mission.

Take a deep breath and come up with an effective strategy. Start by using Blackbeards to slow Eyezen’s march when it leaves the base, or you’ll be met with sure death. If your funds are running low, selling Shinra is always an option. Keep on buffing Erwin as much as possible to gain the upper hand – if money’s too tight for that, try trading in some of those beloved Blackbeards instead! Even if all eight Erwins grow weary during battle, don’t despair; place them strategically at different locations and press onward toward victory until Eyezen has been defeated for good!

That’s all the tips and tricks you need to know to beat Challenge 3 in the Roblox All Star Tower Defence. With proper planning, dedication, and a few upgrades here and there, this will surely be a mission that succeeds! Good luck in your battles against Eyezen – may the forces of light always protect you!

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