Crimson Mischief is a legendary shortsword wielded by Orin, the Chosen of Bhaal. The weapon can only be obtained by defeating Orin inside the Temple of Bhaal. After the battle, players can loot her remains to acquire the sword. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough to claim this coveted weapon, detailing each step and offering strategic insights to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.


How To Get Crimson Mischief In BG3

Begin your quest by solving the Open Hand Temple Murder in Rivington. This step is crucial for setting you on the path to confront Orin and eventually acquire the Crimson Mischief. Proceed to investigate the murders in Lower City/Baldur’s Gate. This investigation will provide you with essential insights and information leading you closer to Orin.

Locate the Murder Tribunal. Be cautious at this stage, as Orin will kidnap one of your companions. You have an infinite amount of time to rescue them unless you go to the Murder Tribunal. After finding the Murder Tribunal, you have three long rests to save your companion and defeat Orin.

Search and find the Temple of Bhaal, the location where you will face Orin in a decisive battle. Confront and defeat Orin in the Temple of Bhaal. Ensure not to knock Orin off the ledge of her arena as doing so will prevent you from looting her body to acquire the Crimson Mischief.

Upon defeating Orin, loot her corpse to obtain the Crimson Mischief, a legendary shortsword with impressive stats and abilities, making it one of the best weapons for assassins and rogues in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Crimson Mischief’s Stats and Abilities

Crimson Mischief stats and abilities.

Crimson Mischief is not just a legendary shortsword; it’s a boon for assassins and rogues, enhancing their combat capabilities significantly. Here are the detailed stats and abilities of the Crimson Mischief:

  • Damage:
    • 1d6+7 Piercing
    • 1d4 Necrotic
    • 12d4 Piercing (Conditional)
  • Abilities:
    • Prey Upon the Weak: This weapon deals an additional 1-4 Piercing Damage against targets with 50% of their hit points or fewer.
    • Redvein Savagery (Main Hand): When you make an attack with Advantage, the target takes an additional 7 Piercing damage.
    • Crimson Weapon (Off-Hand): When you make an attack with your off-hand weapon, you can add your Ability Modifier to the damage of the attack.

In addition to these stats, after defeating Orin and going through the post-fight cutscene, another weapon, Bloodthirsty, will be deposited into your inventory, pairing excellently with the Crimson Mischief for a formidable combat arsenal.