There are different types of wood in Valheim and while you can get the basic kind from any tree you will need to find specific trees for the other kinds. In this Valheim guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get Core Wood.


Getting Core Wood In Valheim

You can get Core Wood from pine trees. These are the tall coniferous trees that can be found in the Black Forest. The biome comes up often and it is at the starting of the map so you will not miss it. It is possible that at some locations you only find one of these trees but at others, there are whole forests.

You will not need any kind of advanced tools in order to cut down pine trees and get Core Wood. You can make do with a simple stone axe. This means that you can start getting Core Wood from pretty early on in the game. Note that this kind of tree cannot be stacked so you will need storage to store larger stocks of this tree.

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