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How To Get Copper Keys In Palworld (All Methods)


Chests are a great source of resources in Palworld. However, some chests are locked and you’ll need copper keys to unlock them. Chests sometime contain Pal Spheres so keeping a healthy amount of copper keys with you while exploring is highly recommended.

Your primary source of Copper Keys is through looting different types of chests. While you’ll need keys for wooden chests, other varieties don’t require them. Keep an eye out for these treasure chests, as they often contain valuable items, including the sought-after Copper Keys.

Some Pals you encounter, especially during raids, can drop useful items. For instance, capturing a creature like Leezpunk could reward you with Copper Keys. Remember, different Pals drop different items, so it’s wise to consult your Paldeck to see what each Pal can potentially offer.

In your Palworld adventures, you’ll come across numerous raids. Human opponents in these raids are particularly lucrative, often dropping items such as gun ammo, money, and importantly, Copper Keys.

Not just humans, but also Pals in raids can be a source of copper and silver keys. Early-game raids, such as a Leezpunk raid, are great opportunities to gather these keys.

During the heat of battles, your Pals might pick up loot, including Copper Keys, and store them in your chests. Always take a moment to check your storage after raids or exploration. You might find that you have more keys than you realized!

Once you’ve gathered a few Copper Keys, you’ll want to know how to use them.

  • Opening Locked Chests: Approach any locked chest on the map, and interact with it. The game automatically uses a Copper Key from your inventory to unlock the chest, revealing various rewards like gold coins, Pal Spheres, and other items.
  • Types of Chests: Remember, not all chests require a Copper Key. Gold or white chests, for instance, can usually be opened without keys. These chests, though less common, can be found scattered across the game world, much like their wooden counterparts.
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