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How To Get Coal In Palworld With Best Farming Locations


Coal is not just another resource in Palworld; it is the backbone for leveling up your gear from mediocre to superior quality. It’s indispensable for crafting refined ingots, which are essential for creating advanced weapons and ammo, far surpassing the efficiency of simple bow and arrow setups. Without coal, your journey in Palworld might be significantly harder, facing formidable foes like the Syndicate Crusher with underwhelming gear.

Where to Find Coal In Palworld

best ore farming locations in palworld.
Suggested ore farming locations.
more ore farming locations in Palworld.

Coal can primarily be found in desert biomes, which are located at the northernmost points of the map. These deserts are not only rich in coal but also host a variety of important resources, including High Tier Pal Oil. Notable locations include:

  • The Desert Biome: Characterized by its vast, sandy expanses, this area is a hotspot for coal mining. It’s also the home of Anubis spawns, adding an element of danger and excitement to your resource gathering expeditions.
  • The Desiccated Desert: Situated to the North of the Investigator’s Fork waypoint, this desert region offers abundant coal nodes.
  • Mountain Top Near the PIDF Tower: This location is touted as the best place for farming coal due to the close proximity of multiple spawns. Reaching the top may be challenging, but the rewards are plentiful.

Note: Unlock fast travel as soon as possible as it will help get around the map to farm Coal, Fiber, Wool, Pal Fluids, and other resources.

Best Coal Farming Methods

Coal nodes are distinguished by their black color, which can sometimes blend in with the surroundings depending on the lighting. To farm coal efficiently, consider these tips:

  • Heat-Resistant Gear: Before heading out to the desert, craft heat-resistant armor to protect yourself from the harsh climate.
  • Strong Pickaxe: Ensure you have a pickaxe strong enough to mine coal from the rocks.
  • Inventory Space: Coal mining can be a bulky affair. Make sure you have ample inventory space to carry large quantities of coal back to your base.
  • Teleportation Strategy: Utilize Palboxes for easy teleportation between your coal mining site and your base. This can save a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Coal Respawn Rate: Coal nodes respawn over time, making certain locations like the mountain near the PIDF Tower ideal for repeated farming sessions.

Just west of the PIDF Tower Entrance waypoint lies a secret mineshaft. Here, not only can you find a static coal spawn, but a Black Marketeer also peddles rare items. Mining coal at the mountain top, then visiting the Black Marketeer, allows for an efficient cycle of resource gathering and shopping.

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