Caliban is the newest addition to the roster of Warframe. Players are already hyped up to use Caliban and to do so they need to collect blueprints. The first blueprint is purchasable from the market by spending a certain amount of currency. After that, you need to complete bounties to collect other blueprints for Caliban. So, read the guide below for all the details on getting Caliban in Warframe.

Warframe: How to Get the Caliban

As you already know from above that you can buy the first blueprint from market. The rest of the blueprints will only be obtained from completing the Narmer Bounties. Each bounty would give you a certain blueprint.

Narmer Bounties can be accessed by traveling to Cetus. In Cetus, you will have to go to Fortuna or Konzu and interact with Eudico there to access the Narmer Bounties and select the one that you want to do. Just check the rewards before you go on to complete any bounty.

Caliban has some of the most interesting abilities. The breakdown of Caliban abilities is found below.

  1. Passive: Your allies around you in a certain radius will be immune to any damage currently received.
  2. Lethal Progeny: You will create destruction using Caliban’s Sentient element.
  3. Razor Gyre This ability will turn Caliban into a tornado dealing massive amount of damage. You can hold onto the fire button to increase the damage output.
  4. Fusion Strike: Caliban can deal massive damage by using three waves of damage and focusing them onto a single target.
  5. Sentinel Wrath: Caliban will hit the ground in this ability and deal damage to all enemies in the radius.

This is everything that you need to know about unlocking the Caliban in Warframe. Need more help? How to Kill The Jackel, Errors and Fixes.

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