In the game of Monster Hunter Rise, the Calamitous Axe is one of the strongest and most popular weapons available. This axe is known for its high damage output and unique appearance. While it can be challenging to obtain, players can use a few methods to increase their chances of obtaining this powerful weapon. In this guide, ill tell you the best Get Calamitous Axe.

How to Get Calamitous Axe

The Calamitous Axe is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used to great effect in various situations. As its name suggests, it is particularly effective against dragons, thanks to its high dragon attack. However, its Raw damage is also very impressive, making it a good choice for taking down large monsters.

It also has two level two Decoration slots, which can be used to further increase its damage output or provide other benefits. Finally, its level two Rampage Decoration slot is especially useful for breaking parts of stunning monsters. In short, the Calamitous Axe is an excellent all-purpose weapon that should be high on the list of any hunter looking for a top-tier Switch Axe.

Collect the Afflicted Blood and a single Anomaly Ticket to unlock the crafting ability of the Calamitous Axe. The drawback of this axe is that it isn’t suitable for Raw or Elemental attacks. Yet, it allows you to alter your build.

There is a reason for Calamitous Axe is t best Dragon Switch Axe in Sunbreak; you don’t need to do the hustle of monster farming. Meowcenaries creates the Death Stench’s components, and Rarity 8 upgrade requires Somnacanth resources.

The most difficult component is obtaining Afflicted Blood, but farming Tetranadon for that material isn’t very demanding. Moreover, Farming Tetranadon will solve your problem of finding Afflicted Blood.

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