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How To Get Cake In Palworld (Cake Recipe, Ingredient Locations)


In Palworld, the art of making a Cake is essential for players who aim to strengthen their Pals through breeding. To make a cake in Palworld you first need to craft a Cooking Pot because without it there is no way to cook a cake.

Before you can head on your Cake-making journey, reaching Level 17 is a prerequisite. This milestone unlocks critical features needed for crafting. To level up efficiently, here are a couple of tips:

  • Focus on capturing Pals, as this is the most effective way to gain XP..
  • Adjust the difficulty sliders to make the leveling process smoother.
  • Complete dungeons.

Crafting the Cooking Pot

cooking pot recipe in Palworld.
Cooking pot recipe.

Upon hitting Level 17, you gain access to the Cooking Pot in the Technology Menu. You need the following crafting materials for the cooking pots:

  • 20x Wood
  • 15x Ingots
  • 3x Flame Organs

Cake Recipe In Palworld

Palworld cake recipe.

To make a Cake, gather the following items:

  • 8x Red Berries
  • 8x Eggs
  • 5x Flour
  • 2x Honey
  • 7x Milk

Most of these ingredients are easily purchasable from merchants in Settlements. However, Honey presents a unique challenge. Honey is a rare commodity in Palworld. Capture one of the four Pals that produce Honey: Cinnamoth, Elizabee, Beegarde, Warsect. These Pals provide a consistent supply of Honey over time.

Note: Though less efficient, another way to get Cake is by capturing Lovander Pals, which occasionally drop Cake.

Once all ingredients are collected, use the Cooking Pot to start crafting Cake. Cake plays a big role in the breeding process. Its primary function is to encourage Pals to breed. Place it in the Container on your Breeding Farm. This stimulates faster breeding, accelerating the overall process.

How To Get Every Ingredient To Make A Cake In Palworld

Flour: If you’ve been diligently completing missions, your base might already be producing flour. To produce flour from the ground up, you need Wheat Seeds, the ability to create Wheat Plantations, and a Mill. These seeds can drop from various Pals such as Floppie, Cinnamoth, and Bristla, commonly found near Hypocrite Hill. Wheat Plantations and Mills facilities are unlocked at level 15 in the Technology Menu. Plant the Wheat Seeds in the plantation, then process the yield in the Mill to get flour.

Red Berries: Completing the first mission in your base likely stocked you with an abundance of Red Berries. These berries are plentiful in the wild, especially near the Plateau of Beginnings. Purchase Red Berry Seeds from the vendor at the Small Settlement waypoint. Then, use them to establish a Red Berry Plantation.

Honey: Unlike other ingredients, Honey can’t be farmed in your base. Focus on hunting Cinnamoth, Beegriade, and Elizabee for Honey, particularly near the Mossanda Forest. To optimize Honey farming, consider establishing a new base near areas dense with these insect Pals. Beegriade and Elizabee can yield 2-4 Honeys per capture.

Milk:You can buy Milk for 100 Gold at the Small Settlement. However, Mozzarina is a natural source of Milk, found west towards Ravine Entrance and Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster. Unlock Ranches at level 5 in the Technology menu. Once Mozzarina is in your base, it will naturally gravitate to the Ranch and produce Milk.

Eggs: Eggs can be found lying on the ground in various areas. Chikipi is a common Pal, especially near the Plateau of Beginnings, Chikipi will start producing eggs once added to your base with a Ranch. Having multiple Chikipi in your Ranch can boost egg production.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to bake your Cake with the recipe I shared above. However, be patient as the cooking process can take about thirty minutes, depending on the Kindling skill of your Pal. It’s advisable to multitask during this period.

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