How to Get Bio Points Fast in Biomutant

Biomutant Bio Points, How to Change Difficulty In Biomutant

Biomutant has some complex systems so it is best to understand them before you jump in. We have discussed its character classes and abilities, and in this guide we will take you through something called Bio Points.

Bio Points are used to level up your characters which make these points crucial for your success in the game.

Biomutant: How to Get More Bio Points Fast

There is more than one way to upgrade your character to make it stronger. The primary factor in this aspect is the mutation. There are two types of mutations in the game including Biogenetics and Psi Powers.

Biogenetic abilities are unlocked via Bio Points so now the question is, how do you get more Bio Points? There are two ways to earn more bio points, you farm an enemy type know as Bioscreeps or go find Bio Containers.

The problem with Bio Containers is that they are extremely hard to find. There are very few, at least early on in the game, but if you do find one it holds a good amount for sure. But the fastest way to get more Bio Points is farming Bioscreeps.

Bioscreeps are found inside Biohazard Zones or underground within sewer-like systems. One each visit you can take down a handful of these enemies which should give you enough Bio Points to unlock new abilities.

There are some great abilities but we suggest getting your hands on Fungi, Mothmouth, and Storm Hop first.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to get Bio Points. If you need more help, check out

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