In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Barroth is a monster that you will come across in the early stages of the game. To progress further in the game, its primary objective of one star. It’s not challenging to find Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise; the main objective is to break its head. In this guide, How to get Barroth’s Crown in Monster Hunter Rise we

Breaking his head is a difficult task that requires some tips and tricks. We will share all the details on how you can break his head and acquire Barroth’s Crown.

Barroth’s Crown in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Barroth’s Crown is one of the most difficult materials to make in the game. So it’s better that you acquire it by breaking Barroth’s head. Here are the different ways by which you can get Barroth’s Crown and his scalp as well.

  • Stack Partbreaker Ability
  • Utilize Silkbind and charged attacks
  • Immobilize him to increase the chance of attack

Stack Partbreaker Ability

Barroth’s head is pretty tough, so additional damage of 30% is added to your attack if you use Partbreaker ability.

Utilize Silkbind and charged attacks

One of the problems in dealing with damage to Barroth is that due to its strong scalp, it can bounce off. This issue resolves if you use charged attacks like a hammer, switch Axe, or charge Blade; chances of bounce-off decrease. Along with that, utilize Silkbind attacks to cause some critical damage to its head.

Immobilize him to increase the chance of attack

To pinpoint the damage to Barroth’s head, utilize traps or paralysis to focus the damage mainly on her head.

Drop Rate Of Barroth Crown

  • 6% for Target Reward
  • 8% Capture Reward
  • Crave Reward
    • 70% head
    • 6% Body
Uses Of Barroth’s Crown
  • Forging material to upgrade weapons
  • Crafting of Barroth Mail
  • Crafting of Alumdron Helm

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Barroth’s Crown. Need more help? See Best Monster Hunter Mods, Blood Orange Bishaten Boss Fight.

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