How to Get and Use Candy XL in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go XL Candy Guide

Candy XL is a resource item in Pokemon Go, which allows you to level up your Pokemon. Candy XL was introduced in GO Beyond update alongside the level cap increase and the Season of Celebration. Candy XL allows the players to increase the CP of a Pokemon past the level 40 cap, all the way up to level 50. Finding Candy XL in Pokemon GO is similar to finding regular Candy. This is a complete guide on how to get Candy XL, and what does it do in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Candy XL in Pokemon Go

Candy XL in the game can be obtained by several ways. These are:

  • Can be obtained from catching Pokemon (Unevolved), you are rewarded with one to three XL Candy.
  • Can be obtained from catching a Legendary, Mythical, or an Evolved Pokemon, you are rewarded a guaranteed XL Candy for that Pokemon.
  • Can be obtained with trading, increased catch distance also increases your chances of receiving an XL Candy.
  • Can be obtained by hatching eggs.
  • Can be obtained by Transferring Pokemon to Prof. Willow.
  • Can be obtained by walking with a Buddy Pokemon.
  • Can be obtained by converting regular Candy into XL Candy. 100 Regular Candy = 1 XL Candy.

Although, the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO is catching Pokemon, especially evolved, Mythical, or Legendary Pokemon, which guarantees an XL Candy. For unevolved Pokemon, there is a decent chance of receiving a Candy XL, a chance of 15% to 25%.

You will receive Candy XL for that Pokemon under the odds of 15 to 25 percent. However, you can also convert regular Candy into XL Candy, which is an expensive procedure, and is not worth it evolving a Pokemon past level 40. It requires 29,600 Candy in total to convert it into XL Candy.

Leveling Up Pokemon

XL Candy is also used to level up a Pokemon above level 40. The upgrades are mentioned below:

  • Level 41 (10 Candy)
  • Level 42 (10 Candy)
  • Level 43 (12 Candy)
  • Level 44 (12 Candy)
  • Level 45 (15 Candy)
  • Level 46 (15 Candy)
  • Level 47 (17 Candy)
  • Level 48 (17 Candy)
  • Level 49 (20 Candy)
  • Level 50 (20 Candy)

This was all we got on how to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO and what is it used for. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Pokemon Go wiki guides.

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