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How To Get Metal Scraps In Enshrouded And Best Farming Location


Metal Scrap in Enshrouded is used to craft different weapons and armor sets, meaning it is without a doubt one of the best and most sought after resources. The good news is that you can get and farm Metal Scraps in Enshrouded in a few easy steps. In my Enshrouded guide, I will explain all the steps you need to understand for farming Metal Scraps.

Where To Find Metal Scraps In Enshrouded

To get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded you need to gather your weapons and hunt down human Scavengers. These enemies drop metal scraps when defeated, making them your primary target. You’ll find these Scavengers lurking around Rookmore, a settlement located northwest of the Cinder Vault and west of Braelyn Bridge. Keep an eye out for these settlements as you explore, as they’re not as common as other enemy types like the Fell.

Enshrouded metal scraps farming location.
Best early game metal craps farming location.

Alternate Method

Enshrouded’s world is filled with destructible objects that can be a goldmine for metal scraps. From barrels to boxes, almost anything that looks breakable could potentially yield these valuable resources. Larger objects like wagons and big barrels tend to drop metal scraps more frequently, so make a habit of smashing anything that looks smashable during your exploration.

Best Enshrouded Metal Scrap Farming Location

Speaking of Rookmore, not only is it a great place to hunt Scavengers, but it’s also littered with metal scraps waiting to be picked up. Here, you’ll find scraps on tables, inside chests, and among other destructible items. This spot is ideal for early-game farming, especially since the enemies here are relatively easy to defeat.

Metal Scraps Farming Cheat

One of the best things about Enshrouded is that many of the destructible items and chests respawn over time. This means you can revisit previously looted areas to find that they’ve been restocked with valuable resources, including metal scraps. It’s a sustainable way to ensure you never run low on this crucial crafting material.

What Items You Can Craft With Metal Scraps In Enshrouded

Once you’ve progressed beyond the initial rock-and-stick phase, metal scraps become your go-to resource for crafting more advanced tools and weapons. With these scraps, you can create essential items like the Scrappy Axe and Scrappy Pickaxe.

Metal scraps aren’t just for basic tools; they’re also key in crafting more sophisticated weapons and armor. Items like the Spiked Club and Scrappy Sword can be forged using metal scraps. Furthermore, you can head to the Blacksmith to turn metal scraps into nails.

The Fur Armor Set, a significant upgrade from your initial gear, requires metal scraps among other resources. This set offers better protection and can be a game-changer in close-quarter battles.

Metal scraps can help set up crafting stations like the Charcoal Kiln and the Forge. The kiln, for instance, uses metal scraps among other resources to produce charcoal, an essential item for various crafting recipes. The Forge allows you to convert metal scraps and charcoal into metal sheets, which are vital for high-tier crafting, including advanced armor sets and shields.

All Known Crafting Recipes That Use Metal Scraps

Essential Tools

  1. Scrappy Axe
    • Ingredients: 4 Metal Scraps, 3 String, 1 Shroud Wood
    • Use: A stronger tool for harvesting resources with improved damage and durability.
  2. Scrappy Pickaxe
    • Ingredients: 8 Metal Scraps, 1 Shroud Wood
    • Use: Essential for mining and gathering stone-based resources.

Weapons For Defense And Offense

  1. Spiked Club
    • Ingredients: 4 Nails (crafted from Metal Scraps), 4 Wood Logs
    • Use: A basic melee weapon with enhanced damage.
  2. Scrappy Sword
    • Ingredients: 3 Metal Scraps, 2 Nails, 1 Wood Log
    • Use: A reliable sword offering a balance between speed and damage.
  3. Lockpick
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps
    • Use: Essential for unlocking chests and doors throughout the game.

Armor For Protection

  1. Fur Armor Set
    • Ingredients: 5 Metal Scraps, 7 String, 7 Torn Cloth, 7 Animal Fur
    • Use: Offers increased protection, needed for surviving tougher battles.

Crafting Stations

  1. Charcoal Kiln
    • Ingredients: 3 Metal Scraps, 17 Wood Logs, 3 Dirt
    • Use: Converts wood logs and dirt into charcoal, a key ingredient for various crafting recipes.
  2. Forge
    • Ingredients: 10 Metal Scraps, 30 Stone, 10 Charcoal, 12 Wood Logs
    • Use: Transforms metal scraps and charcoal into metal sheets for advanced crafting.

Advanced Crafting

  1. Metal Sheets
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps, Charcoal (in Forge)
    • Use: Used in crafting high-tier items and structures.
  2. Nails
    • Ingredients: 1 Metal Scrap (at Blacksmith)
    • Use: Required for crafting advanced items and structures.

Decor And Miscellaneous

  1. Scrap Decorations
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps
    • Use: To adorn and customize your base.
  2. Scrap Arrows
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps and other materials
    • Use: Ammunition for bows, essential for ranged combat.
  3. Alchemist Armor Set
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps and other specific materials
    • Use: Specialized armor offering unique benefits.
  4. Various Furniture
    • Ingredients: Metal Scraps and other materials
    • Use: To furnish and personalize your base.

That’s everything you need to know about Metal Scrap farming in Enshrouded. Don’t forget to check out our guides on getting Salt, and increasing carrying capacity in Enshrouded.

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