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How To Get And Farm High Quality Pal Oil In Palworld


High Quality Pal Oil is a great resource used in crafting polymers, which are then used to manufacture advanced firearms like pistols, rifles, and rocket launchers. It’s also essential for creating basic guns such as muskets and serves as a fundamental ingredient for many structures and crafting recipes in the game, including the Witch Cauldron. So if you’re wondering how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, you have come to the right place.

Where to Find High Quality Pal Oil In Palworld

The best way to get High Quality Pal Oil is to go after Mammorests and Digitoises. Here’s where to find them both to get the oil:


  • Location: Mammorests, the huge green mammoths, are your go-to Pals for High Quality Pal Oil. They’re predominantly found roaming around Bamboo Groves, near forests, and similar environments. Look for them around Level 35 areas for a regular drop of the oil.
  • Strategy: These creatures are formidable opponents, so be well-equipped before engaging. They’re weak to Fire, making early Pals like Foxparks and Rooby effective against them with the right skills, such as Flamethrower.

Aim for the Ravine Entrance Fast Travel point at -69, -427 for easy access to their location. Also, targeting the Level 38 Mammorest Boss could yield more oil with less effort, especially when playing on a multiplayer server.


  • Location: The northern desert regions of Palworld are rich with Digitoise Pals, who frequently drop High Quality Pal Oil upon defeat. These areas are accessible early in the game and can be a goldmine for oil farming.
  • Strategy: Engage Digitoise with ranged weapons or your own Pals, taking them down before they can burrow underground. Defeating them can net over 20 oils in a single engagement.

Apart from Digitoise, other desert dwellers like Aye-Aye, Cobrats, and Gluttons may also drop the oil, though in smaller quantities.

Tip: Open the Paldeck from the menu and go through the Pals list to see which Pals drop High Quality Pal Oil. You can then press 3 on keyboard or RT on controller to see their spawn locations.

best high quality pal oil farming location in Palworld.
Here is a great High Quality Pal Oil farming location on the map.

For those looking to maximize their High Quality Pail Oil farming efforts, a variety of monsters including Damud, Elphidran, Flambelle, Grintale, Quivern, Relaxaurus, and Woolipop also drop High Quality Pal Oil.

The desert areas in the northern parts of the map are particularly fruitful for encountering these Pals. Targeting Digitoise not only yields High Quality Pal Oil but also Ore, another valuable resource, making them an efficient choice for multi-resource farming.

Tip: Keep a healthy supply of Pal Balls aka Pal Spheres because taming Pals does the trick so you won’t have to kill them for the Oil. Here are all Pal Balls crafting recipes you need to get started.

Things To Know While Farming High Quality Pal Oil

To efficiently farm High Quality Pal Oil, engage in combat with the mentioned Pals using strategies suited to their weaknesses. For Mammorests, utilizing fire-based attacks can turn the tide in your favor. Collaborating with friends on a multiplayer server can significantly ease the challenge of taking down tougher Pals like the Mammorest Boss, allowing for quicker farming of High Quality Pal Oil.

Digtoise monsters tend to spawn more frequently during the day, making it an ideal time to farm them in the desert regions.

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