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How To Get And Farm High Quality Cloth In Palworld


In Palworld, getting High Quality Cloth is a task for players looking to upgrade their gaming experience. This essential material is key to upgrading outfits and armor, such as the Tundra Outfit, Pelt Amor, and their advanced versions like Heat and Cold Resistant Metal Armor. Notably, these armor sets significantly boost health and defense, enabling players to confidently engage in challenging aspects of the game, like tackling the Towers and confronting Alpha Pals without the fear of being easily defeated.

high quality cloth made from wool in Palworld.

Best Way To Farm High Quality Cloth In Palworld

There are two primary ways to obtain High Quality Cloth in Palworld. The first method is a more hands-on approach, where players can manually craft High Quality Cloth. This option becomes available once players reach level 36 and unlock it in the Technology Menu. After unlocking, High Quality Cloth can be crafted at any workbench using 10x wool per cloth piece. However, there’s a more efficient and automated method for acquiring this valuable resource.

The second and more effortless way involves utilizing the unique abilities of a Palworld creature named Sibelyx. Sibelyx, the only Pal capable of naturally producing High Quality Cloth, can be a continuous source of this material if players set up a ranch for it. To find a Sibelyx, players need to explore the Astral Mountain, located in the northern part of the game’s map.

Sibelyx locations in Palworld.
Sibelyx locations in Palworld.

Sibelyx, a silken moth-like creature, has a white appearance that slightly blends with the environment and is often found along the edges and particularly on the western side of the map.

Once a Sibelyx is acquired, players can set up a ranch at their base to house it. Ranches are accessible early in the game, from level 5, using the Technology Menu. Building a ranch requires basic materials like wood, stone, and fiber. After setting up the ranch and adding Sibelyx to it, the creature will start producing High Quality Cloth naturally.

To optimize this process, it’s advisable to pair the ranch with a Pal that possesses the “Transportation” work trait. This trait, identifiable by a box icon beneath the Pal’s stats, enables the creature to collect the produced High Quality Cloth and store it in a nearby box. This setup ensures that players can efficiently gather all the High Quality Cloth produced by their Sibelyx without the need for manual intervention.

In addition to these methods, the Sibelyx itself, have a chance to drop High Quality Cloth when defeated. This offers an alternative for players who may prefer the excitement of combat over the management of resources and Pals.

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