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How To Get And Beat Moltres In Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC


The process of finding Moltres begins after you have completed the Pokemon Indigo Disk campaign. This campaign is a key element of the DLC and sets the stage for the Moltres legendary Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Snacksworth, a notable character in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, appears at the Blueberry Academy Entrance. He is not just a chef but also an adventurer who holds the key to spawning legendary Pokemon.

How to Get Moltres Snacks

Snacksworth rewards offers Legendary Treats, which are used for locating legendary Pokemon like Moltres. These treats are tied to the number of BBQs you’ve completed, with a new treat rewards for every 10 BBQs completed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

To receive the Legendary Treat associated with Moltres, you must complete 100 BBQs. Upon receiving the treat, Snacksworth provides a vital hint: he encountered Moltres in Western Paldea, an area known for its sandstorms. This clue narrows down your search to the Asado Desert where you need to go and look for Moltres.

Travel to the Asado Desert, specifically the northern side. Here, you’ll need to scale a rock wall to reach the top, where Moltres awaits.

Moltres location.

Note: Moltres has no known evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet but every other Pokemon in the game does have evolutions.

Moltres Type And Abilities In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (Indigo Disk)

TypeFire / Flying
Abilities1. Pressure<br>2. Flame Body (Hidden)
Weak to:Rock (4x)<br>Water, Electric (2x)
Damaged Normally By:Normal, Ice, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel, Fairy (1x)
Resists:Fire, Fighting, Steel, Fairy (0.5x)
Highly Resists:Grass, Bug (0.25x)
Immune to:Ground (0x)
Ability Descriptions:Pressure: When the user is hit with an opponent’s move, that move loses 2 PP instead of 1.<br>Flame Body (Hidden): Has a 30% chance to burn the opponent if it attacks the user with a physical move.

How to Beat Moltres in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Flying and Fire-Type: Moltres, traditionally known for its fire attributes, now also has a flying type. This dual typing changes the dynamics of the battle, requiring specific strategies to defeat it.
  • Level and Strength: You’ll encounter Moltres at level 70, making it a formidable opponent.

To exploit Moltres’ weaknesses, focus on Water, Electricity, and Rock attacks. Rock attacks are particularly effective, offering a 4x damage boost against Moltres.

Moltres uses a combination of powerful moves like Overheat, Hurricane, Sky Attack, and Endure. Each of these moves presents unique challenges and requires careful planning to counter.

Choose Pokemon that can withstand both Fire and Flying attacks. For example, a Pokemon like Iron Hand, with its high health pool and defense, can endure Moltres’ attacks while allowing you to execute your strategy.

The Asado Desert is prone to sandstorms, which can inadvertently affect the battle by reducing Moltres’ health. It’s crucial to time your encounter to avoid battling during a sandstorm.

Moltres Base Stats


Moltres Level 50 Stats

StatMax0Nat0 EV-NatMin
Gunfire, Forest, Explosions & More During Game Events. Compatible with All Games/Platforms; 6 scents Included.
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