After so many years Stardew Valley is still alive and well and among so many things you can do in the game is the ability to harvest items. One of the items you can harvest in Stardew Valley is the ancient fruit. You can use your garden to harvest the ancient fruit but you need to wait for a month before it can be used. In this quick guide, we have everything you need to know on how to get the ancient fruit seeds in Stardew Valley.


Stardew Valley: How to Get Ancient Fruit Seeds

To harvest the ancient fruit you need to get your hands on its seeds first. Without the seeds, you can not plant the ancient fruit in Stardew Valley. There are multiple ways to get the seeds for ancient fruit. The best way to get them is to find a Traveling Cart and buy ancient seeds in Stardew Valley. You can find the Traveling Cart at the southwest section of the map. The location is near your farm in the Cindersap Forest. The cart only appears on Fridays and Sundays.

You can buy the ancient fruit seeds from the traveling merchant for 100 to 1000 gold. The price varies so it depends on your luck. Hopefully, you get the seeds for a lower price.

Another way to get the ancient fruit seeds is to acquire seeds from the Seed Maker by giving him crop. However, it is a random chance. You may or may not get ancient fruit seed from him but it is worth a try.

Moreover, you can offer an ancient seed artifact to Gunther at his museum and get seeds for your garden. You can only do this once but Gunter teaches you the recipes to craft ancient seeds yourself. It takes 28 days for the ancient seed to grow into a plant and then you can sell it. Based on the quality of the ancient fruit you harvest, you can sell it for 500 gold (Basic), 687 gold (Silver), 825 gold (gold). You can get additional gold if your character is a tiller.

  • 605G – Basic
  • 755G – Silver
  • 907G – Gold

That’s all you need to know about planting and getting ancient fruit seeds in Stardew Valley.