Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to convince Ursula (the main antagonist from the Little Mermaid) to come with them. She urges you to complete the Lair Sweet Lair quest. For this quest, you will require to get papers, magic scrolls, and ink.

Paper is an easy resource, but getting the other two is trickier. You will have to use your crafting skill for those to be acquired. Now for that ink, you need to possess an empty vial in which to store the ink.

Craft Vials: Crafting Vials in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you have 3x Glass. This is an obstacle, as glass is not purchasable or something you find randomly; you have to craft the glass itself.

Craft Glass: For glass, you need to find a resource called Coal Ore and Sand Ore, abundant in the Dazzle Beach area. You will have to get 1x Coal Ore and 5x Sand Ore. Now, you will have to head to the beach to get these ores. You need to start digging to get Sand Ore. To get the Coal Ore, you need to destroy black rocks.

Once you have the required materials, make your way to a crafting table. To craft glass, you must see the Redefined Material category and craft 3x Glass. Once you have done that, you can craft a vial.

That is all for our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide with tips on how to craft an Empty Vial. For more on the game, see How To Unlock New Biomes and How to Get More Storage Space.

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