How to Get All Orbs in Loop Hero

Loop Hero get all Orbs

Orbs are a big part of the game’s progression and come in extremely handy during gameplay scenarios. There are 7 Orbs in the game and in this guide, I will give you all the details required on how to get Orbs in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero: How to Get All Orbs

Compared to other resources, Orbs are somewhat easy to get as long as you aren’t farming the ones dropped by bosses.

Astral Orb

You can get the Astral Orb by killing the Mage and Cosmic type enemies in Loop Hero. You can create Dark Slimes by destroying a Goblin Camp when a Goblin is on the tile. Farm the Dark Slimes to get the orb.

Orb of Afterlife

You need to get 10x Pitiful Remains to earn one Orb of Afterlife. Pitiful Remains are dropped by Vampire and Undead enemies.

Orb of Evolution

Take down enemies that are Living or Plant types. Living enemies are humans and the easiest farming method. You go after Bandit camps to kill human enemies, these camps spawn every two Villages that get placed on the Loop.

Orb of Crafts

Take down Artificial and Object Type enemies to get the Orb of Crafts. You can use the Battlefield Chests to farm the orb.

Orb of Immortality

To get the Orb of Immortality you need to kill chapter bosses such as the Lich.

Orb of Unity

Take down Liquid or Swarm-type enemies such as Slimes to get the Orb of Unity in Loop Hero.

Orb of Expansion

During a single fight, kill 4 monsters to get the Orb of Expansion. You can place Vampire Mansion next to villages to spawn 1 Vampire and 4 Ghouls.

And that’s how you get all the Orbs in Loop Hero. Need more help? Visit resources, how to get scrap metal, best cards, tile combos, how to use potions, and upgrade buildings.

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