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How To Get All Optional Characters In Fire Emblem Engage (Easy Way)


Fire Emblem Engage offers a diverse cast of characters, with 35 potential companions to choose from. While some may join your team through Paralogues and others will become available through main storyline missions, it can be a challenge to determine which characters are right for your team. However, with a thoughtful approach to each character’s unique abilities and traits, you’ll be able to navigate this complex world with ease. This guide will help you unlock all the Optional Characters in Fire Emblem Engage, so you can build a formidable team that is sure to conquer even the toughest challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Fire Emblem Engage, this guide will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you assemble the ultimate team of warriors.

All Optional Characters

  • Jean
  • Anna
  • Jade
  • Seadall
  • Lindon
  • Saphir

How to Unlock Jean

In Fire Emblem Engage, your first encounter with Jean happens in Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. On the world map, you’ll find Paralogue: Budding Talent; reach it and win the battle to gain access to speaking with him. But, of course, doing so will open up a whole new experience for players within the game.

How to Unlock Anna

You will undoubtedly meet Anna, a renowned character from the Fire Emblem Awakening series, which proudly returns in the latest installment. During Chapter 7: Dark Emblem and Paralogue: Mysterious Merchant, she is sure to make an appearance that you will want to see.

How to Unlock Jade

Take advantage of the opportunity to recruit Jade, an extraordinary optional character! During Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces in the main storyline, remember to engage with her after the battle so that she joins your team. Otherwise, you may have regrets down the line.

How to Unlock Seadall

Jade and Seadall have similar needs: both require someone to talk to them for their potential to be unlocked. In Chapter 15’s Dancer in the Ruins, if you take the time to converse with Seadall after the battle has ended, she will join your team.

How to Unlock Lindon

You may have once considered Lindon to be an adversary. However, now it is time to recognize him as a potential ally. If you desire for him to join forces with you during Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage, all that is left for you to do is address him directly.

How to Unlock Saphir

During your initial visit to Brodia, you will spot Saphir but need help recruiting her. To bring this powerful character into your team, head to Chapter 19: The Dead Town and talk with her!

Other 29 Characters

Apart from the aforementioned characters, there are 29 others you can choose from and recruit. However, there is no actual method to recruit them as they become a part of your party automatically at a certain point in the game.

Alright, folks, it’s time to wrap up this guide on how to unlock all the Optional Characters in Fire Emblem Engage. I hope it’s been helpful to you. Building the ultimate team can be a bit intimidating with so many characters to choose from, but with a bit of strategy and consideration of each character’s unique skills, you’ll be set. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you. And remember, this guide is just the beginning – there’s still so much more to discover in Fire Emblem Engage.

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