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How To Get A Crusher In Palworld (Use And Crafting Recipe)


In the world of Palworld, the Crusher is a production structure that offers players a more efficient way to gather resources and craft essential items, particularly related to catching Pals, humans, and Black Marketeers in Palworld.

How To Get A Crusher In Palworld

To unlock the Crusher, players must first reach level 8. At this point, the Crusher becomes available in the Technology menu, requiring two Technology Points for unlocking. The next step is construction, which is done in the player’s base. The Crusher is found under the Production tab of the build menu. The required materials and crafting recipe for building a Crusher are:

  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • 10x Paldium Fragment
crusher crafting recipe in Palworld.
crusher crafting recipe in Palworld.

Building the Crusher is a straightforward process. After gathering these materials, players select a location in their base and construct it, which can take about 20-30 seconds with the assistance of a decent number of Pals.

Best Way To Use A Crusher In Palworld

The primary purpose of the Crusher is to convert resources into two key materials: Fiber and Paldium Fragments. Both of these can be found in the environment, but the Crusher offers a more direct method. To produce Fiber, one Wood is required, while five Stone are needed for Paldium Fragments. These ingredients are relatively easy to find either randomly on the ground or through more active means such as chopping trees or mining rocks.

one way to use the crusher in Palworld.

However, the Crusher cannot operate independently. It requires a Pal with the Watering trait to activate it. Some early-game Pals with this trait include Fuack, Pengullet, and Teafant. Once a suitable Pal is selected, players can place them at the Crusher to start the production process. Additionally, building a Watering Fountain in the base can enhance the watering speed, though it’s only unlockable at level 23.

Beyond resource production, the Crusher plays a role in crafting Spheres, used for catching Pals, humans, and even Black Marketeers. This makes it a strategic asset for players looking to expand their collection of Pals.

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