Stray is a game about a cat trying to find its way home. The cat will need to find a blanket (poncho) and an electric cable along the way. The blanket will keep the cat warm and dry, and the electric cable will help it find its way home.

The purpose of the blanket (poncho) is to make Elliot feel at ease and keep him from the cold. As a consequence, he will assist you with fixing the tracker. Here’s how to get both items:

Getting The Blanket (Poncho) and Electric Cable in Stray

Stray is meant to perplex you. In other words, when you consider someone, a companion for survival is really a confuser who will ask to bring particular things so that he or she can assist you.

Grandma, one of the perplexing people you will meet while traveling along the slums’ streets, is an example. She’ll instruct you to get the first Electric Cable and bring it to her when you ask her to knit the blanket or poncho.

Now head toward the electric store to reach Azoos, a robot wearing a cowboy hat near the stairs, to barter Spirit Detergent in exchange for the Electric Cable. Once you get cable, bring it to granny so she can start sitting on the poncho.

That’s everything there is to know on how to get the blanket. Need more help? See Memory Locations, Plant Locations, and Energy Drink Locations.

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