In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll need the most powerful weapons to stand a chance against evil forces. As you progress in the game, you will unlock Somniel shops and gain access to Smithy—a fantastic feature that allows your weapons to become even stronger. This guide will explain exactly how to Forge Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage so that you’re fully equipped with only the best battle tools.

How to Forge Weapons in FE Engage

Are you looking for the Smithy to Forge your weapon? Well, you’ll find it quite easily. To access the Smithy, you must complete Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle and volunteer to help bring down the Fell Dragon in Fire Emblem Engage. Make a beeline towards Plaza, hop over to Somniel’s entry point, and get ready for action. After spotting the Smithy, head on up there and chat with him – this will open up a menu of options that can help you out:

  • Evolution
  • Arms Engraving Coating
  • Material Exchange

Evolution is undoubtedly the most suitable choice from all of the options available. It will give you access to a wide array of weapons that can be chosen and forged easily. If two characters carry the same weapon, don’t worry – pick your desired item from the menu and start forging it immediately. Simply put, If you want to upgrade your iron sword from level 1+ to level 2+, it will cost 30x Iron Crystals and 300 Gold. As the weapon’s levels increase, so does its price: for example, if you reach +level 5 of this sword, then 390x Iron Crystals and 2700 Gold must be spent.

What is Smithy in FE Engage

To forge weapons in Fire Emblem Engage, you need access to the Smithy. The same is true if you wish to engrave weapons in the game. Smithy allows you to upgrade your weapon stats to make them more effective in combat.

That’s all the information you need to get Forge Weapons in Fire Emblem Engage. Now go out there and equip yourself with the best weapons possible! And remember, nothing beats a good strategy for winning battles.

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