Call of Duty Warzone has its issues on all platforms but a particular issue is causing a lot of frustration among the users of PlayStation 5. As soon as the game is started up, the “CODE TORCH” error message comes up. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to fix this problem.

How to Fix the Code Torch System Error

As of now, there are four main ways to solve the torch system error on Call of Duty Warzone on PlayStation 5.

1#: The first solution is to restart the game to see if that fixes things. You might need to do this multiple get rid of the “Code Torch”
system error.

2#: You might be encountering the “Code Torch” error message due to a pending system update for PlayStation. Make sure you update your system to the latest version. Moreover, ensure the game is updated, and no pending updates have “failed.”

3#: You might also have trouble logging onto the game if you are playing using a wired connection. To circumvent this problem, disconnect your wired connection and switch to a wireless connection, to avoid problems caused by your Ethernet cable. After disconnecting your wired connection, you’ll need to wireless connection from system settings.

4#: The final method is a bit radical, but if nothing works, you need to reinstall the game. Some players report that reinstalling the game was the only way to fix the problem.

Hopefully, one of these suggestions will help you deal with the problem and eliminate the Torch Error. PC users have file integrity checks, and it is about time this feature comes to consoles as well. It saves a lot of time and bandwidth if parts of the game files are corrupted.

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