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How To Fix Nvidia Error Code 43 (Windows Has Stopped This Device)


Nvidia Error Code 43 is often faced by users due to the system failing to access GPU and other reasons. Here are the methods that’ll help you fix the error.

How To Fix Error 43

There are multiple reasons for “Nvidia Error 43 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems”. Whatever is the reason behind this particular error, the following fixes will help you get your GPU work again.

Fix #1

Before we start with the fixes first, you need to try out these general fixes as there might be a minor issue with the GPU which can be solved these general fixes.

First, make sure the GPU is properly inserted in the PCIe port. If you are using a laptop then follow these steps. Click on the search bar, type “device manager” and open it. Under “Display adapters” right-click on the device and disable it. Shit down your system and remove the battery. Insert it back, boot up your laptop and enable your GPU and the issue will be resolved.

If the error is still isn’t fixed then check the power cable. Make sure the power supply meets the minimum recommended power requirement for the GPU. Make sure the power connector is plugged into the GPU. There is also a possibility that the power supply is faulty. Try a different power supply to see if the error is fixed.

Make sure your Windows OS is updated to the latest version as outdated GPU drivers or outdated OS can cause Error 43 to pop up.

Fix #2

Another reason for the error to occur is the Lucid VIRTU MVP software. This software is not compatible with Nvidia drivers and you need to uninstall it to fix the error.

To fix the error, click on the search bar, type “Control Panel” and open it. Under “Programs” click on uninstall or change program. A list of installed programs on your PC will appear. Right-click on Lucid MVP and click uninstall. Restart your PC after the uninstallation and the Error 43 will be fixed.

Fix #3

If all of the above fixes haven’t resolved the Nvidia Error Code 43 then your motherboard BIOS might need as an update. BIOS is basically the key firmware of your motherboard that connects CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, and other components.

Chances are, there is a bug in the pre-installed BIOS that is causing the Error 43. You need to look up your motherboard model and then find the BIOS from the manufacturer’s site.

However, installing BIOS isn’t a walk in the park as if anything goes wrong, you need a new motherboard or get the existing one repaired.

That is all for our fixes for “Nvidia Error 43 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems” error. If you are facing other errors and issues on PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC error and issues.

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