Several players have encountered errors that occasionally prevent them from connecting to the online servers and, by extension, the multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft. Minecraft online connectivity/multiplayer error is reported on all consoles and PCs. Online server connectivity is a universal problem and is not unique to Minecraft. However, to understand why Minecraft multiplayer connectivity problem arose, we found several reasons and have compiled a bunch of fixes you can try.

Causes and Fixes For Online/Multiplayer Connectivity Issues in Minecraft

  • Poor Internet Connection
  • Interruption From Third Party Antivirus Software
  • DNS Server Errors
  • Issues With Microsoft Account Privacy Settings
  • Universal Minecraft Server Issue
  • Incompatible Minecraft Mods

To assist the players in combating the online/multiplayer connectivity hurdle in Minecraft, we created a list of solutions that have proven to have worked for many users worldwide and are effortless to follow through. Read ahead to find out what those fixes are, and follow each step diligently.

Fix #1: Fix Poor Internet Connection

You must first perform an internet connectivity check, as that’s one of the most common causes of Minecraft connectivity errors.

  • To find out whether the root cause of the online/multiplayer connectivity issue in Minecraft is a poor internet connection, head to online speed test websites that show the current status of your internet connection.
  • When that’s been established, in case of poor connection, connect your system to your router through an ethernet cable to get a better one.
  • Moreover, you can also take the load off your local internet by pausing and stopping any downloads or other processes that may be taking up the bandwidth.

Fix #2: Check Minecraft Server Status

As stated earlier, it is common that Minecraft’s online server is down and offline universally, which has nothing to do with issues on your end. Therefore, make sure you check out whether the online server you’re trying to connect to is online or offline in the first place.

  • For the most part, popular Minecraft servers such as Hypixel sometimes have internal issues that prevent all the players trying to connect to it from connecting successfully.
  • In such cases, all you can do is connect to another server or wait for this one to fix. If you’re connecting to a less popular or low players server, you can contact the server’s owner to relate your connectivity issue to them to see if they can make changes from their end.

Fix #3: Run Minecraft Without Mods

There are situations when the server you’re trying to connect to may be running on an unmodded version of Minecraft, creating an online/multiplayer connectivity issue. Therefore, inconsistencies between your mod and the server’s mod that Minecraft is running on may create huge problems. To join a server that is running on unmodded Minecraft:

  1. Head to Minecraft launcher.
  2. Click on the version selector.
  3. Click on the game version that’s states “Latest release.”
  4. Press Play.

Tip: Sometimes Minecraft issues are caused by hidden windows registry errors, updates, and driver problems. We recommend getting Restoro; it scans and fixes such issues much faster.

Fix #4: Turn Off Antivirus Software

It’s a common occurrence that antivirus software on the system interferes with the connectivity/multiplayer playability of games like Minecraft. So, to rule out this factor, you’ll need to temporarily shut off your antivirus software to see if it’s causing issues with Minecraft.

  1. On the Windows taskbar search bar, type Windows Security.
  2. Open it.
  3. Click on Virus & Threat Protection option.
  4. Click on Open App.
  5. Your antivirus software will launch.
  6. Head into its settings and temporarily switch it off and then run your game and see if the problem persists.

We hope that one of the fixes did the trick for you, as it has for many, and you’re back on track with your game. Make sure you don’t miss any of the steps in the fixes detailed so that you may successfully solve the online/multiplayer connectivity issue on Minecraft. If you have any other known fixes for our readers, leave them in the comments below.

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