Lies Of P had quite the hype in the follow-up to its launch and the game has lived up to it. Not only that, Lies Of P runs very well on PC which suggests a good PC port. Despite the optimizations, the game is still experiencing errors and issues on PC like UE4 Fatal Error, Unexpected Error, and now Out of Video Memory error. In this Lies Of P guide, I will list fixes that will help PC users fix the Out Of out-of-video memory error.


Lies Of P Out Of Video Memory Fixes You Can Try

Out Of Video Memory error is a GPU-related error that can pop up due to multiple reasons like the GPU being factory overclocked, corrupt or damaged DirectX shader cache, and more. The following are the fixes that will help Lies Of P players fix the Out Of Video Memory error.

Enable Debug Mode

PC users report that enabling the Debug mode through the Nvidia Control Panel fixes the Out of video memory error with Lies Of P. Often GPUs from AIB partners ruin at higher clocks compared to Nvidia recommended reference clocks. Even the RTX 4090 will show an Out Of Video Memory error due to a higher GPU clock while playing Lies Of P. This error can be fixed by enabling the Debug mode which forces the GPU to use Nvidia’s recommended clocks. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > Debug Mode.

Delete DirectX Shader Cache

The DirectX shader Cache on your PC could be damaged or corrupt which is causing the Out Of Video Memory error crash while playing Lies Of P. Deleting the DirectX shader cache will force the system to create a new one and will fix the error. There are two ways to delete the DirectX shader cache. Navigate to C:\Users\’your username’\AppData\Local\NVIDIA and delete the DXCache folder.

To make sure the DirectX cache is completely deleted, follow these steps.

  • Open Disk Cleanup
  • Select C drive and press Ok
  • Select DirectX Shader Cache and press OK
  • Windows will clear the DirectX cache
  • Launch Lies Of P and the Out of Video memory error is now fixed

Increase Shader Cache Size

Another reason why Lies Of P is experiencing the Out of video memory error is your default shader cache size, increasing it will fix the error. Lies Of P is an Unreal Engine title which means the game builds shaders when you first launch it. These shaders are used while in-game to improve performance. Due to a low Shader cache size, the game is crashing with Out of video memory error which can be fixed by increasing it.

  • Open the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Manage 3D Settings
  • Global Settings
  • Scroll down to Shader Cache and select 10 GB
  • Apply the changes
  • Launch Lies Of P, and the Out of Video Memory error is now fixed

That is all for our Lies Of P fixes for the Out Of Video Memory error. Also, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes if you are experiencing errors with other PC video games or PCs.