Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003 is an error that a lot of PC users experience. There are various reasons behind this particular error and here are the fixes that will help you get rid of it.

How To Fix Geforce Experience Error 0x0003

As I mentioned earlier, there is more than one reason behind this Geforce Experience error. According to users, they are experiencing “Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience. Error Code: 0x0003” error and are unable to use features linked to the Nvidia GeForce Experience. The following are the fixes that will help you resolve the Geforce Experience Error 0x0003.

Fix #1

The first thing you need to try to fix the Error Code 0x0003 is to allow Nvidia Telemetry container to interact with desktop. Here is how to do it and fix Error 0x0003.

Click on the search bar, type “services” and click on “run as administrator”. Scroll through the options and look for “Nividia Telemetry Container”. Right-click on it > properties > “Log On” tab > check “Allow service to interact with desktop”. Apply the changes and return to Services. Locate the following services, right-click on them and select “Start” to make sure these are running.

Nvidia Display Service
Nvidia Local System Container
Nvidia Network Service Container

Once that is done, again start the operation that was giving you Error 0x0003 with Nvidia GeForce Experience and the error will be fixed.

Fix #2

If the Geforce Experience error still persists then it’s time to try reinstalling Nvidia driver along with Geforce Experience and doing a clean installation.

Here is how to fix Error 0x0003. Open “Control Panel” > click “uninstall a program” under Program > uninstall the driver and other Nvidia components. Download Nvidia GPU driver and install it along with Geforce Experience. Make sure to do a clean installation. Once that is done, start Geforce Experience and perform the action that prompted the error. It should be fixed.

Fix #3

If the above fix didn’t work for you and Error Code 0x0003 is still persisting then try resetting the Network Adaptor to fix it.

Open Start menu, type “CMD” and run it as administrator. Type “netsh winsock reset” and press enter. This command will reset the Network Adaptor Setting. Once the process is done, restart your system and the error is now fixed.

Fix #4

If the error is still persisting then making a new user account will fix this error. Delete all Nvidia related programs from your system and reinstall them along with GeForce Experience. Make a new account on Geforce Experience and the error will be fixed.

That is all for our fixes on Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003. If you are facing other errors and issues on your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and issues.

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