I love Windows 10, but its issues often frustrate me; despite being Microsoft’s one of the most popular OS, it still faces issues to this day. One of the many issues with Windows 10 problems is File Explorer suddenly crashes while looking for files and folders in any given directory. Even though this particular File Explorer issue is not the most widespread, it is surely among the most annoying.

The issue is usually caused by directory, registry, and repository corruption which is bad, but the silver lining is that we know how to fix it. For some reason, only using Windows 10’s built-in disc cleaning tool, Disk Cleanup, on the C drive of the affected user fixes the issue. A built-in Windows 10 tool called Disk Cleanup searches partitions for everything from transient files to lingering settings files before letting users delete any information they feel is unnecessary.

However, the Disk CleanUp fix is reportedly a temporary one. The issue keeps popping back up so the best way forward is to download Restoro to scan and repair files to verify their integrity. This software will help you scan and fix windows issues much faster.

Once you have cleaned scanned and cleaned the drive, you need to reset Netsh and Winsock. It’s likely that some internet configurations have become corrupted and are interfering with specific File Explorer features, causing crashes.

Tip: Windows disk clean, integrity checks, activation issues, and registry errors are best solved by Restoro. This utility tool will help fix repository issues and any file corruptions.

How to Reset Netsh and Winsock

  1. Press the “Windows” and “X” buttons simultaneously.
  2. From the list, choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”.
  3. Press Enter after typing “netsh winsock reset”.
  4. Wait for the settings to be changed and reset.
  5. See if the problem is still present.

That covers everything we know about this fix, if you know of any more fixes let us know in the comments below.

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