How To Fix Error 0x80070052 “The Directory Cannot Be Created”

Windows Failed To Start (Error 0xc000014c), How To Fix Error 0x80070052

Error 0x80070052 “The Directory or File Cannot Be Created” commonly occurs while using removable drives or USB. Here we will discuss the fixes and workarounds that’ll help you fix the error.

How To Fix Error 0x80070052

This particular error is quite common in users who use removable drives like USB and external Hard Drives. The error often triggers while copying files to the removable drive. This error can be triggered due to the drive’s file system or corruption in the file system. The following are the fixes for Error 0x80070052.

Fix #1

If you are encountering the error while trying to copy the files on the root folder then the first fix is simple, just cory the files in a different location. Create a new folder in your removable driver or USB and then paste your files there and the error will be resolved.

Fix #2

Most of the time, those who encounter the Error 0x80070052 have reported that they were using the FAT16 or Fat32 file system.

This can be fixed by formatting the removable driver to the NTFS file system. Just right-click on the drive and select properties. See what file system your drive has. If it’s File system FAt16 or FAT32 then format it to NTFS. To do that, right-click on the drive and hit “Format”. Under “File System” select “NTFS”, check “Quick Format” and hit Start. Once the formatting is complete, copy the files and the error is now fixed.

Fix #3

Another reason for this particular error to pop up is the corruption in the storage device. This can easily be fixed and here is how to do it. Right-lick on the drive > properties > Tools > click “Check” under Error Checking. When prompted, select “Scan and repair drive” and wait for the process to complete. After that, copy the files and the error is now fixed.

That is all for our fixes for Error 0x80070052 The Directory or File Cannot Be Created. If you are facing other PC errors and issues then also check our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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