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How To Fix Broken Weapons In Palworld (All Methods)


Every weapon in Palworld has a Durability meter, which decreases with use. The telltale signs of a weapon nearing its breaking point include reduced effectiveness and visible wear. Ignoring these signs can lead to your weapon failing at critical moments. Hence, keeping an eye on the Durability meter and understanding when to repair is key to your survival. In this guide, I will take you through the process of repairing broken weapons in Palworld.

Repair Kit Vs. Repair Bench

Players in Palworld have two primary options for weapon repair: the Repair Kit and the Repair Bench.

Each has its own set of requirements and uses. The Repair Kit, which can be crafted with 5x Fiber and 5x Stone at the Primitive Bench, is a portable solution used at any Primitive Workbench. Marked with a ‘Repair’ option, it’s ideal for on-the-go repairs.

On the other hand, the Repair Bench, crafted using 10x Wood and 10x Stone, is a more permanent fixture best set up at your home base. It offers a comprehensive repair option for all types of weapons, regardless of their condition.

The Repair Kit is your quick-fix solution. To use it, find a Primitive Workbench and select the ‘Repair’ option. This kit is particularly useful when you’re far from home and need an immediate repair. The process is straightforward: provide the necessary items (Fiber and Stone), and the kit will restore your weapon’s durability. It’s a lifesaver in situations where you can’t afford to return to your base for repairs.

The Repair Bench, set up at your home base, is the more comprehensive repair solution. It’s capable of fixing any weapon, from those slightly used to those on the brink of breaking.

To use the bench, simply press on the weapon you want to repair, and it will display the required materials for the repair process. The materials vary depending on the weapon type. For instance, an Old Bow might need Stone, Fiber, and Wood. Advanced weapons will require more diverse and sometimes rare materials. Remember, the Repair Bench is not just a tool but a strategic asset in maintaining your arsenal.

Efficient weapon maintenance in Palworld means balancing between repairs and crafting new weapons. It’s generally more resource-efficient to repair weapons than to craft new ones, especially for basic gear. However, advanced weapons might require more complex materials for repair. Always perform preventive maintenance before your weapon’s Durability meter depletes completely. This proactive approach saves resources and keeps you ready for any challenge.

Advanced Crafting and Durable Weapons

For those looking to spend less time repairing and more time exploring, investing in crafting durable weapons is key. Using rare ores and accruing more Technology Points allows access to better and more durable weapons. These advanced weapons, although more resource-intensive to craft and repair, offer longer-lasting reliability and greater effectiveness in the challenging world of Palworld.

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