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How to Fish in New World

Fishing is a Gathering Skill in New World. These skills are needed to track resources which are required to upgrade camp, craft items, and food. In this New World guide, we have shared some tips and tricks to help the player learn more about how to fish in the game.

New World Fishing Tips

When it comes to fishing, the first thing that the player needs is a Fishing Pole – it can either be crafted using Fiber with Green Wood or obtained during the story. Fishing in New World is pretty easy to understand. Below, we have provided a complete overview of how to fish in the game:

  • Find a waterbody and press F3 to equip the Fishing Pole and press R to use bait.
  • Hold the LMB to cast the line and release it when the desired distance has been reached – remember that it is better to cast the line at a longer distance.
  • Once the line has been cast, the screen will show one of two things i.e., a message reading “Landed on Hotspo” or simply the water depth.
  • Keep an eye out on text notifications like “Get Ready!” and “Hook!”. Once the message reading “Hook!” appears, press the LMB once more. It has a fairly tight window but once successfully done, hold LMB to reel in the fish.
  • Lastly, do not let the line break – keep an eye out on the color and do not let it reach red. Try to loosen a little to remain in the green area.

Continue to reel in slowly to bag a fish. Doing this provides Fishing XP, XP, and the caught fish.

This is all we have got in How to Fish in New World. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed New World wiki page.

Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
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